Are you planning on having sexual reassignment surgery? If not, why? Curious as a lot of trans women I come across seem to want to, if not have already. Love <3

No, I am not planning on having bottom surgery. Asking why doesn’t really make sense. If I were to ask you the same thing, your best answer would probably be “because I don’t want to”. There isn’t any logic to being transgender, no one sits down and chooses an aesthetic. It’s an innate drive within yourself to look and be a certain way, that no matter how hard you try, simply can’t be ignored. 

I guess like a majority of people following my blog, my brain simply doesn’t registrer a penis is either male or female. The first time I came across porn involving trans women with penises, I just accepted them as chicks with dicks, even though I had never heard about it before. 

On the other hand some trans women find their genitals so revolting that they can barely take their clothes off when showering. They don’t want to feel this way, but they do, and the only long term solution is getting bottom surgery.

So please everyone, don’t tell someone what operation they should or shouldn’t get, you don’t know how they feel, and they definitely shouldn’t live by your personal sexual preferences. It pisses me off when people tell me to “KEEP IT” even though that is actually what I want.

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