Been following your weight-lost journey since your post on 16 July, 2017. Kudos to you on being healthier! You look great! Hope you don’t mind in sharing what do you think has helped in your weight-lost whilst being on HRT? I personally feel being on HRT has slowed my metabolism and considered stopping HRT for awhile until I reach my ideal weight again. Would like to hear your views. Thank you.

Thanks, I was almost at my goal, for weeks and weeks, that last half a kilo kept being in my way (and therefore no update). However I actually got sick on my birthday, didn’t really feel it much on the day, but the whole week since I have been out of action. I was not sick enough to lose my appetite but sick enough to where I couldn’t exercise. I also used this opportunity to quit smoking, a habit I had picked up again at my latest job :/ 

That meant I had these insane cravings that I funneled into eating huge amounts of junk food and chocolate. I put on 3kg in just one week. Though me being sick made me miss cigarettes less, it also meant I couldn’t combat my cravings by walking, as I have done previous times. 

It is a week today, since I quit, and I am doing quite well, I am also slowly getting back to walking and eating more sensible portions of food. I am at least not putting on weight anymore. It will probably take me another month to correct my one week food orgy.

I am assuming that you are on Estrogen and Anti-androgen like me, as you don’t mention it. Yes, women put on weight more easily than men do, that is however no excuse for not getting your shit together. Stopping your Hormone Replacement Therapy is a terrible idea, for the first month you are just going to have a fucked hormone balance that might just make you eat more and exercise less, beyond that month you start to get hit in the face with the fact that you are turning back into a dude, and the psychological issues from that are probably not going to help you out. 

Even if you are then succesful and start HRT back up, you are just going to be fat again since you never learned to master your weight on estrogen. If you have so much motivation for losing weight that you are willing to consider pausing your transition, then why can’t you focus that towards simply shedding that damn weight?

Losing weight is more difficult for some than others, but the principle is the same for everyone, you move more and you eat less. fuck special diets, weight loss pills, expensive equipment, you just have to MOVE MORE and EAT LESS. 

I’ve never set foot in a gym, and I am not saying people shouldn’t, but it is a lot easier is to open your door and just go for a walk, than it is going to a place far away to do something you might dread doing. I walk every day when I lose weight, and just eat two meals a day, in which I just eat enough to erase my hunger, not bloating up myself with food.

Yes you are going to be hungry, you can’t lose weight without being hungry, but you are just going to have to say fuck you to your own body. Externalize it, so that it is your body that is craving food, or cigarettes, whatever it is, it is not you. 

I feel it helps me, getting angry at my own body. Instead of ending up feeling sorry for myself, and caving in, I get really stubborn and spiteful towards my own body for its addiction. The best part is that your body can’t get its feelings hurt


Okay maybe the last one doesn’t help, but I feel much better now 🙂