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Han ramte det forkerte hul

Et par knepper, men da pikken ryger ud af fissen ryger den efterfølgende ind i røvhullet, så pigen skriger.

Indlægget Han ramte det forkerte hul blev vist første gang den

Giver mig selv finger mens jeg bliver kneppet

Giver mig selv finger mens jeg bliver kneppet

Indlægget Giver mig selv finger mens jeg bliver kneppet blev vist første gang den

Kæresten får analfinger mens han knepper mig

Stikker fingeren i røven på kæresten mens han knepper mig

Indlægget Kæresten får analfinger mens han knepper mig blev vist første gang den

Pikken kigger indenfor i analhullet

Pikken kigger indenfor i analhullet

Indlægget Pikken kigger indenfor i analhullet blev vist første gang den

Sort babe får analpik

En sort babe får pik i røven

Indlægget Sort babe får analpik blev vist første gang den

En hot babe får pik i røven

Hun elsker at få pikken analt og tage pikken i munden bagefter

Indlægget En hot babe får pik i røven blev vist første gang den

Amatøranal ved en lækker tysk pige

En tysk pige får en lækker pik op i hendes røv.

Indlægget Amatøranal ved en lækker tysk pige blev vist første gang den

#6: Rita Faltoyano

Other aliases: Daniella,
Rita Fox,
Rita Twain,
Rita Anik, Rita Doll

Born: August 5, 1978 as Rita Gács

Origin: Budapest, Hungary

Years active: 2000–2007

Similar actresses: Angelica Bella, Cicciolina, Silvia Saint, Katja Kassin, Kelly Trump, Anita Blond, Alexis Texas, Katsuni, Nikki Blond, Julia Miles

Recommended websites: Official Twitter account, Official escort page

The Eastern part of Europe has been a reliable source for a steady stream of beautiful and daring pornstars ever since the Iron Curtain fell in 1989. Gorgeous girls like Angelica Bella or Silvia Saint took the porn world by storm, always willing to try out kinkier stuff and seemingly of insatiable sexual appetite. Definitely one of the greatest actresses to come out of that part of the world is is Hungarian beauty Rita Faltoyano who entered the XXX industry at the dawn of the new millennium.

Born Rita Gács in 1978, this beautiful girl came of age just as communism fell apart and the way to the Western society seemed new and exciting. Nevertheless, being the daughter of two very sporty parents she started her serious physical education very early and became a successful equestrian, swimmer and gymnast. She also went on to be a trained nurse (to fulfill another pornstar cliché…) and was encouraged by her parents to take part in beauty pageants. With her tall yet feminine figure, her pretty face and voluptuous curves she seemed well fit for a career in front of the camera…

I myself have to thank the Private corporation – both for their print and digital outlets – because it was one of their magazines that first showed me Rita’s marvellous beauty, her great natural tits, her lovely long hair and her well rounded ass… and of course all that filthy stuff she was willing to do with her body!

After some nude modelling, Rita took the leap to hardcore porn at age 21 in early 2000 when she not only starred in her first film “No Sun No Fun” but also debuted with her first anal, first foursome and first DP! Talk about a head-first start in porn!

In the next couple of years Rita starred in literally hundreds of movies, among them some of the most successful big budget productions of the new millennium like “Faust” and “Cleopatra”. Her distinctive Eastern looks and accompanying willingness to do any kind of nasty stuff soon earned Rita a place among the top performers of her time as well as a rabid fanbase.

Like many pornstars of that special era of early online/ interactive adult entertainment, Rita also got her own “My Plaything” DVD (complete with a “nice” and a “naughty” version!) and kept churning out red hot scenes. Many of those featured her taking as many cocks as possible up her pussy, her lustful mouth and her delightful big ass and she also became a well known foot fetish performer. Regarding her private life, Rita got married to fellow pornstar Tommy Gunn in 2005 although the marriage only lasted a few years (he cheated on her with yet another porn actress, Ashlynn Brooke before officially getting divorced). In 2007, Rita decided to quit porn for good while a number of her scenes were released on compilations as late as 2012.

Nowadays Rita works as an escort in London, so if you got that extra bit of cash on you (we’re talking 500 quids upwards) you could actually get close to one of the biggest porn sensations of the 2000’s… If you can settle for less you might as well follow Rita on Twitter where she rather regularly posts pretty pictures of herself – clothed no less but still pretty…

All in all, Rita Faltoyano remains one of Euro porn’s most prized assets and definitely deserves a spot among the top ten! We love you, Rita, best of luck to you!

#7: Gerlinde Bödeker

Other aliases: Gerlinde Bodecker, Gerlinde

Origin: Germany

Years active: mid-1980′s

Similar actresses: Titanic Toni, Teresa Orlowski, Sybille Rauch, Karin Schubert, Helga Sven, Uschi Karnat, Candy Samples, Chessie Moore, Olinka Hardiman, Katja Kassin

I hesitated just a wee tiny little bit to include this next woman in this list, mainly because I don’t like to write an article about a person I can’t find much out about. Even the internet with its vast possibilities of obtaining information about the most far-fetched concepts kind of let me down in this case. But then again, Gerlinde Bödeker is one of my most beloved German porn actresses of the 1980′s, even though she never made it to star status. However, if you take a look at her you might see why I not only had to feature her here but also give this woman a place among the goddamn top ten:

Gerlinde was one of the first (and best) examples of that powerful concept known as PAWG, whooty or simply big fucking ass goddess. She had the face and stature of a stereotypical German MILF housewive but boy oh boy, in front of the cameras she did all those things you probably wouldn’t expect a German housewife to do!

With her pretty round natural tits, curvy body, meaty pussy and that great ass of hers, Gerlinde wasn’t shy in the least to put dildos, bottles and other assorted objects up her ass (and other orifices). She also really seemed to love assfucking and DP as you could see in many of her photosets.

She did some great lesbian scenes as well, and really the only thing that might distract from her horny performances may be the awful eighties hairstyles and fashion (plus the blokes she shot scenes with often were really fugly guys, but then again, that’s 1980′s German porn for you…)

Ultimately, Gerlinde was more a magazine than a movie kind of porn actress, her only notable film performances being shot for the Godmother of German Porn Teresa Orlowski’s Foxy Lady series. At least for one scene she finally got to make out with a good-looking guy (the notorious French porn casanova Gabriel Pontello who also made many films with the divine Olinka Hardiman) while also displaying her anal kink skills:

Gerlinde’s combination of somewhat mature looks, 1980′s appearance, a damn phat ass and her completely uninhibited way of getting fucked was what turned her into one of my favourite pornstars ever, even though her appearances were rather rare compared to other starlets of her time.

Even if her stint in porn only lasted a few years in the mid-1980′s, to me Gerlinde Bödeker is definitely German 1980′s porn’s most underrated treasure, predating insatiable whooty/MILF starlets like Katja Kassin by a good two decades but still being incredibly hot and horny to watch. And don’t get me started on that ass again…

#8: Aurora Snow

Other aliases: Victoria, Angel, Kim

Origin: Santa Maria, CA

Born: November 26, 1981 as Rebecca Claire Kensington

Years active: 2000–2011

Similar actresses: Gauge, Tawnee Stone, Christine Young, Sasha Grey, Jordan Capri, Jenna Haze, Lexi Belle, Sunrise Adams, Anna Marek

Official website:

Recommended tumblr:

Some spots of this list came by rather by accident (most of which Tumblr and its neverending influx of pornstars old and new is to blame for). There were babes like Sue Nero or Rene Bond that simply were too vintage for me to have noticed during my early days as a porn scavenger while others I knew by name but never had realized how great they were until I made a conscious effort. And then there are the ones (like Helga Sven for example) who got me not just by being hot but by the story they had to tell. That’s also the case with Rebecca Claire Kensington, a woman you probably know by her stage name of Aurora Snow.

It was during those fabled days in the early 2000′s when internet porn became a phenomenon in its own right as teen-aged stars like Tawnee Stone, Christine Young, Gauge or said Aurora Snow became stars. They were fresh faces who played the cute-and-innocent card just as much as they exploited the schoolgirl fetish popularized by mainstream megastars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguileira. While Tawnee and Christine went for a more playful approach, focusing rather on what you today would call camgirl routines (masturbation, girl/girl scenes, candid “everyday” shots), Gauge and Aurora went right for the dirtiest things porn in the age of web 1.5 had to offer.

Aurora’s path to (and through) porn apparently wasn’t exactly written in the wind as she grew up to be a promising theatre actress who was on her high school’s honor roll and started performing in communal theatres at the age of twelve. However, the US college system being the debt machine that it is, Rebecca (who moved away from home at the age of seventeen) had to figure out how to pay for her tuition fees. Nude modelling soon seemed to be a way to make some quick money which quickly led to her trying out (although initially not committing to) actual porn shootings a couple of months after her 18th birthday.

Her initial reservations had to go as she was both forced and then willing to accept that her new job required her to let go of inhibitions in order to deliver good performances. Aurora quickly went from standard porn fare to more daring stuff, humiliation scenes and gaping asshole sex included. At the time, she later stated, her future plans didn’t include any scenarios where a marriage or a family of her own would be affected by her then profession. Of course, sooner or later her family was bound to find out and although when they did they weren’t happy about it, they still more or less accepted it. By 2003, Aurora Snow was one of the new millennium’s biggest young pornstars, starred in big budget productions like “Angels” (a XXX take on the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot) and made up to $100,000 a year.

Then an accident in Aurora’s family changed everything. Her brother got into a crash with his motorcycle and although he survived it against the odds, he had two kids he no longer could provide for. Auntie Aurora stepped in, finally finding a higher purpose for her work and taking care of the boys. This also made her question the career she had followed for almost a decade at the time and ultimately she made the choice to quit porn and pursue an “ordinary life”, marriage and kids of her own and everything.

In 2011 Aurora said goodbye to the XXX industry, packed “six bags of clothes” and moved to Macron, OH to live with her new partner and find regular work. Once again drawing parallels to her frequent on-screen partner Gauge, both women not only struggled with finding ordinary jobs – jobs that paid a faction of their previous income to boot – but also had to endure the ridicule, discrimination and slut shaming that inevitably came up once their co-workers found out who their new colleague was.

While Gauge’s path led her back to adult entertainment, Aurora took a more offensive stance and among other things wrote a much-published “Letter to My Unborn Son” in which the mother-to-be asked her unborn child for forgiveness and tried to explain why she had chosen her career. Aurora is now married and a regular contributor to websites like The Daily Beast while occasionally giving lectures on porn, vice and morality at different campuses.

The moral of the story is, nothing fascinates me as much as pornstars who encompass more dimensions than just the good old in-and-out game. Aurora Snow managed to break out of a career that holds a lot of promises for quick fame and money but also can have long-lasting effects once one doesn’t want to play that game anymore. So this article is about both paying homage to one of the most daring and sexy pornstars of the noughts but even more about honoring how a certain Rebecca Claire Kensington deals with a past – and a future – that takes a real adult to deal with. Aurora, should you ever read this: Bravo and best of luck to you and everything you’ve yet to do with your life! And dear readers of this blog, check out Aurora’s homepage regularly!

#10: Persia

Other aliases: Venus, Lynette, Lido

Born: March 25, 1968 as Venus Guillén

Origin: Philadelphia, PA

Years active: 1991–1996

Similar actresses: Ebony Ayes, Janet Jacme, Jeannie Pepper, Vanessa BlueChessie Moore, Sibylle Rauch, Angelica Bella, Veronica Brazil

The 1990′s were a time when African American pornstars – largely indebted to the trailblazing careers of Ebony Ayes, Jeannie Pepper, Isis Nile and the like – slowly managed to find audiences outside the “black porn” segment, although they often still had to take opportunities to perform outside the segregated US market. Persia (also often billed as Venus) was one of the actresses that found their share of success in the last decade of the millennium on both sides of the Atlantic.

Born in Philly as Venus Guillén in the spring of 1968, she got into nude modelling and feature dancing around 1990 and then dared to do hardcore just a year later. Her assets were big tits (naturally saggy although she later had them enhanced), an extremely seductive face with textbook bedroom eyes and an ass that was to play an important role in her XXX career.

Persia practically became an overnight sensation in black porn, starring in dozens of movies ever since doing serious hardcore shootings, especially in mainstream porn spoofs such as “Boomerwang” (!), “White Men Can’t Hump” (!!) or my personal favorite “What’s Butt Got to Do With It”. What made her perfect for those kinds of roles was her willingness to put her voluptuous body to any kind of fucking service with special emphasis on assfucking (just go to her IAFD page and count the titles that refer to “ass”, “butt” or “DP”) as well as her acting skills that went well beyond what other performers of the time had to offer.

Persia displayed a sense of irony and playfulness while never letting it tip over the raunchy atmosphere of her red hot fucking scenes. My first – and already decisive – encounter with her was in a German production where she engaged in lovely lesbian sex with a small breasted blonde girl after being invited to watch porn with her. Persia’s reaction going from shock to humorous disbelief to just letting go end enjoying the licking and fingering remained one of my most watched scenes for years, particularly for its combination of light-hearted yet naturally gifted acting and no-nonsense fucking action.

In an interview with “Gent” from 1994, Persia described her attitude towards porn as something that allowed her to do what turned her on and also let her have sex with many different guys and girls. While porn star interviews should often be taken with a grain of salt (whoever wanted to read about their favorite actress hating her job and/or only doing it for the money?), Persia always seemed to come across as somebody who loved what she was doing for a living, be it in American productions (often reinforcing black porn topics/clichés) as well as international ones. The latter category let her show her fabulous assets in trashy settings as an Italian take on Little Red Riding Hood (with another favorite of mine, the ever so fuckable Chessie Moore) or a German production about girls making out with a billionaire (where she teamed up with German porn legend Sibylle Rauch).

Sadly for her fans, Persia quit the industry around 1997 and never made a comeback. While her stay in porn had been prolific enough, colored pornstars at the time still weren’t marketable enough to make a lasting impact like their caucasian counterparts would go on to make in the 2000′s. Internet research on her birth name produced a few pictures and profiles on job networks although one can never be 100% sure if it’s the exact person one is looking for.

For her own sake let’s just hope Persia is alive and well and can look back on her XXX career with a good feeling. I for one shall forever enjoy her performances from way back, and her unique way of doing porn earned her a place among this lists top ten for sure!

So as I posted earlier the stockings I had gotten as a gift…

So as I posted earlier the stockings I had gotten as a gift through my Amazon wishlist broke, when I put them on. That didn’t hold me back from taking the pictures I intended to 😀 The bead staff is also a gift from another gentleman. I am definitely being spoiled, but I guess it is an effective way of forcing me to take pictures 😀 😛

 It looks like I have put a filter on some of the pictures, but it is actually just my camera that takes weird pictures. If the lighting isn’t perfect it just goes “whatever” and many pictures end up unusable. Occasionally though, it ends up with a cool color palette like in the first picture 🙂

As for my persona life. I have recently applied for a education in Copenhagen, which I really hope I get into, but it will be a couple of weeks before I even know if I get invited to the entrance exam. Last year about 500 applied and they only had room for 42, but despite that I do think I have a decent shot of getting in. Confidence or arrogance? haha

I have also started seeing someone, so to all you guys who keep saying “I can’t believe you are single!” you can stop 🙂 It is long distance which can be hard at times, but also very rewarding when you then meet. I’m not going to give a ton of details about it and how it is going, since he also knows my blog. I just don’t want to pretend to be a lonely single to win more hearts 🙂

I hope you are all at least having a decent day 🙂