I promised you more pictures, so here they are :DIt had been so…

I promised you more pictures, so here they are 😀

It had been so long since I had last taken pictures, that it felt great to get a chance to do it again. I realized though that I really need to get some upper body lingerie, I had nothing to go with what I was wearing on my lower body.

I am enjoying my weekend watching GSL and WCS (Starcraft tournaments, for those not into that particular esport) I have also had a lot fun of playing the old Starcraft these past weeks since the remaster came out.

Finally got some time home alone so I could doll up and take…

Finally got some time home alone so I could doll up and take some pictures for you lovely people.

Give some Likes and Reblogs if you would like to see the rest of pictures. How else will I know? 😀

Life update: I am almost done with my current internship, I can extend it, but I would rather move on to bigger and better things. I will probably continue showing up there until I find something else, just to keep myself going. 

I am also getting real fucking tired of being referred to as he/him, even BOY. They don’t do it on purpose, and say sorry each time, but it is still pretty obvious how they subconsciously see me. It isn’t a problem with the young people, but the 50+ people misgender me more than they get it right. I got invited to a trip with all the female colleagues, but I made up an excuse of why I couldn’t go. I just don’t want to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing in a group a women. Even if they try to be accepting, they just don’t truly believe it. Ironically I feel more comfortable around the old men working there, even if they don’t see me as the woman I feel like, it means they see me as one of their own, so I fit in. It is certainly far from ideal, but at least I can relax around the men. 

I had gotten used to sometimes being referred to as he/him by mistake, but that was always by people who I also knew before I transitioned. It caught me off guard that people who have only known me as I am now, will misgender me. It has made me second guess my approach of always being upfront about being transgender, and has made voice training a higher priority.

Overall though, I am happy. I am great at the work that I do, and I am respected for my effort and results. I have always been a terrible student, and never had a job that I enjoyed, so feeling the respect of others, and getting treated like an equal is a new experience for me. In the end that outweighs the fact that I am misgendered from time to time.

Happy weekend to all you 🙂

I have been sick ever since I got back from Copenhagen, but…

I have been sick ever since I got back from Copenhagen, but luckily I had the Tour De France to entertain me. I feel almost fine again, so I thought I would try on this gift

So as I posted earlier the stockings I had gotten as a gift…

So as I posted earlier the stockings I had gotten as a gift through my Amazon wishlist broke, when I put them on. That didn’t hold me back from taking the pictures I intended to 😀 The bead staff is also a gift from another gentleman. I am definitely being spoiled, but I guess it is an effective way of forcing me to take pictures 😀 😛

 It looks like I have put a filter on some of the pictures, but it is actually just my camera that takes weird pictures. If the lighting isn’t perfect it just goes “whatever” and many pictures end up unusable. Occasionally though, it ends up with a cool color palette like in the first picture 🙂

As for my persona life. I have recently applied for a education in Copenhagen, which I really hope I get into, but it will be a couple of weeks before I even know if I get invited to the entrance exam. Last year about 500 applied and they only had room for 42, but despite that I do think I have a decent shot of getting in. Confidence or arrogance? haha

I have also started seeing someone, so to all you guys who keep saying “I can’t believe you are single!” you can stop 🙂 It is long distance which can be hard at times, but also very rewarding when you then meet. I’m not going to give a ton of details about it and how it is going, since he also knows my blog. I just don’t want to pretend to be a lonely single to win more hearts 🙂

I hope you are all at least having a decent day 🙂