Finally got some time home alone so I could doll up and take…

Finally got some time home alone so I could doll up and take some pictures for you lovely people.

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Life update: I am almost done with my current internship, I can extend it, but I would rather move on to bigger and better things. I will probably continue showing up there until I find something else, just to keep myself going. 

I am also getting real fucking tired of being referred to as he/him, even BOY. They don’t do it on purpose, and say sorry each time, but it is still pretty obvious how they subconsciously see me. It isn’t a problem with the young people, but the 50+ people misgender me more than they get it right. I got invited to a trip with all the female colleagues, but I made up an excuse of why I couldn’t go. I just don’t want to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing in a group a women. Even if they try to be accepting, they just don’t truly believe it. Ironically I feel more comfortable around the old men working there, even if they don’t see me as the woman I feel like, it means they see me as one of their own, so I fit in. It is certainly far from ideal, but at least I can relax around the men. 

I had gotten used to sometimes being referred to as he/him by mistake, but that was always by people who I also knew before I transitioned. It caught me off guard that people who have only known me as I am now, will misgender me. It has made me second guess my approach of always being upfront about being transgender, and has made voice training a higher priority.

Overall though, I am happy. I am great at the work that I do, and I am respected for my effort and results. I have always been a terrible student, and never had a job that I enjoyed, so feeling the respect of others, and getting treated like an equal is a new experience for me. In the end that outweighs the fact that I am misgendered from time to time.

Happy weekend to all you 🙂