From the US: I just wanted to share how amazed I am at your transition. I hope you have continued success in your journey. I wish our country under Trump would be more accepting. I wish you the best. -Jon,34,Florida

I feel for my transgender brothers and sisters in America, that have to go through so much unnecessary hate. It is simply beyond me that people can accept now, that people have a different sexuality, but not that the same variance exists in gender. I have seen it a lot on Reddit, that people go out of the way to support the homosexuals when injustice is committed against them, but when it comes to transgender rights the most upvoted comments are often critical or even hateful against trans people. It is dumb that they can’t realize that they a treating trans people the same way they treated homosexuals just 20 years ago. They can’t fight in the military because they are disruptive, do they not have any memory of what a stupid argument that was the last time, does no one see the irony? I guess we have to go through the same fight for basic rights once again. At least I can be optimistic that things will change for the better, because they always have, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck for the people who have to wait 20 years for human decency.