Hey hey, im trans and my gf who is also trans kinda shoved HRT in my face, i mean i usually am not of the spontanous Kind but i guess i wanted it very much. So now im taking 1/4 cyproterone and one progynova each night. I had to go down from 1/2 cyproterone because it was kind of fucking up my mental condition. Now the only problem i have is that my gf doesnt tell me any of the negative sites of taking hormones, could you maybe tell me?

I am transgender, not a doctor, why are you asking me? 

I respect that people can get into situations where self medicating is the only option, I did so myself for about a year, but PLEASE do your fucking research. You can’t just wander into HRT without careful consideration and making yourself an expert on it. 

You can’t just decide your dosis based on what mood you are in. Cyproterone is a potentially dangerous drug. You need blood tests, you need to understand what you are doing to your own body and brain. 

Also, fix your weird unhealthy relationship. Seem like she cares more about turning you into what she wants, instead of actually helping you.

Be smart about this, or don’t do it at all.