Hey! I’m painstakingly coming to terms with my gender identity, and I was wondering, do you have a good method for shaving? I’m blonde too for what it’s worth, and I usually shave in a relaxing bath but it takes hours, and I can only shave every few days or else my face is a painful patchy mess. Got any suggestions? Does HRT make it easier? Or have you just gotten electrolysis all over or something? Thanks!

You would have to be rich to electrolysis your entire body since they are removing one hair at a time. Yes HRT helps, women have softer and finer hair, so the risk of getting red dots and irritable skin is lower. That being said, women don’t shave every day, they just do when they get into a situation that requires showing off skin. No one has time or energy to do it constantly. Buy an epilator, that is what I use, takes 30-45 minutes every 14 days. It doesn’t remove all the hair, but it keeps it manageable, so when you do feel like shaving it is easier, and your skin won’t act up as much. Just don’t use an epilator the same day as you are shoving off your legs, as they will have red dots on them for the first 24 hours.

I hope that helps.