Hey, I’ve been lurking at your profile for a while, which is really awesome. You kind of remind me of the Asari from the Mass Effect games, with having a whole unique gender. I like how you’re just rocking that nice redhead look. Anyways, I am doing another playthrough on the Mass Effect series, do you have any recommendations on choices? (I really love the Asaris and want to have a romance with Liara) – Love just some danish guy

My gender isn’t unique, it’s just woman. My body might be unique compared to the majority, but I don’t feel different from other women. 

I’m really not a redhead, I don’t know why people say that. I should probably just dye it red 😛

I prefer to play as an idealized version of myself, which means each time I have played the games I have played almost the exact same way. Tough soldier, but with a good heart that does the right thing in the end. Mass Effect was also the first time I played a female character, and found that I couldn’t play male characters again. It would be 5 more years before I finally understood and accepted why I was being drawn so hard towards playing female characters.

That’s probably why I recently had trouble getting into Dungeons and Dragons. I spent so much of my life playing a role that wasn’t really me, that I simply can’t get into being anyone but myself anymore.