How did you get the confidence to go down your desired path?

You don’t focus on the end goal, but treat it like an adventure that takes you on a journey. The first step is an important as the last step. I have seen some trans women who had a big bushy one day, then show up shaved in a dress the next. I don’t exactly understand that approach but if it works for them then good. I let it be a gradual process, slowly breaking down my old myself and replace him with the real me. Changing my walk, my stance, the way I speak, introduce more and more feminine clothing over time, rather than just showing up in a skirt one day. That is what worked for me because I enjoyed the journey, simply knowing and seeing I was moving in a direction that I liked, kept me happy each day, even if I was far from who I am now. 

I am sure my way is not appropriate for everyone, but for the people who say they are too scared, please remember that I also used to be a coward. I became brave because I kept overcoming my own fears in each small step, without putting a whole lot on the line. The side effect is that I have conditioned myself to have a desire to do things that make me nervous. Like interviewing a person is something that makes most people nervous, so naturally my brain goes “ I WANT TO DO THAT” almost like it misinterprets my nervous jitters as happy anticipation. In general though, I just feel a lot less nervous about everything.

If you hate that you are coward, and how much shame you feel, then stop being that person, it is really that simple, though it of course can take years to recondition yourself to be someone else.