I am turning 30 years of age on Saturday(November 4th) even if I…

I am turning 30 years of age on Saturday(November 4th) even if I have only lived the last couple as myself. I got my hair, brows and lashes done, and though it was expensive as fuck, I am still very happy with the “investment”

Turning 30 is kind of weird when you just started out on your life, I am grabbing random strangers, shaking them, demanding that they answer what the hell happened to my teens and twenties. The way I act, they way I dress and live, is a product of me trying to rediscover a youth I never had. I am a girl out of her time, my soul is 19 but potential dates have kids, career etc. 


Whoever I feel like, however short my real life has been, nature is dragging me in a direction, and I have to confront that. Turning 30 in of itself doesn’t bother me a whole lot, I won’t feel different, it is the situation it automatically puts me in that bothers me. Everyone seems to either have kids or want kids, the biological clock that seems to be ticking for everyone else, was never installed in me. People want houses, things, shit. I am just out here trying to have fun, be happy, yet it seems the rest of the world is marching by another tune.

I am not complaining about my situation, since I would probably also hate hanging out with a bunch of teens, haha. I have just been putting a lot thought into what turning 30 really means to me.

I actually considered shutting down the blog, just end it, move on to a new chapter in my life, but that is kind of stupid, because why does it make any sense to now, just because the clock turns from 29 to 30. I will end the blog when I no longer feel like I am getting something positive out of it.

I have 15-20 people coming over Saturday, so hopefully we can go crazy in town, and act like a bunch of teens 🙂

In case you feel bad if you don’t send me a birthday gift for my 30th birthday, then here is my WISH LIST


P.S how does one cook for 20 people? HELP!