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You can always go higher!

With Shoes, there is only one rule to follow: You can always go higher.
It does not matter what you are doing, it does not matter where you are going – push yourself for higher heels.
Start with lower heels if you have to, it is not important how high you can go now, all that matters is that you improve yourself and slowly, but steadily get to higher heels.

Wear uncomfortable high heels at home until they feel more comfortable and then go out wearing them and start wearing higher ones at home. Always push yourself, always improve yourself. Never think “this is too high”, if you apply yourself, you can always go higher.

Just a shameless promotion for my english blog. 🙂

I meant to reblog this a looooong time ago. I’ve always loved @diegehorsame ’s page, outside the fact that it’s in German. Now there’s an English version and you should all be following it because it’s hot!