“50 Classic Pornstars” complete countdown with links

Alright guys, here’s the complete countdown of all “50 Classic Pornstars” with links for your convenience. Enjoy!

1 Traci Lords

2 Savannah

3 Tawnee Stone

4 Lisa De Leeuw

5 Moana Pozzi

6 Rita Faltoyano

7 Gerlinde Bödeker

8 Aurora Snow

9 Sibylle Rauch


11 Uschi Karnat

12 Jeanette Littledove

13 Brigitte Maier

14 Kiki Daire

15 Nina Hartley

16 Lolo Ferrari

17 Lotta Topp

18 Anna Marek

19 Dolly Buster

20 Tera Patrick

21 Sheena Horne

22 Sally Layd

23 Marilyn Jess

24 Nikki King

25 Leanna Lovelace

26 Sue Nero

27 Julia Miles

28 Maritza Mendez

29 Rene Bond

30 Helga Sven

31 Kim Chambers

32 Catherine Ringer

33 Mai Lin

34 Brittany

35 Suraya Jamal

36 Bianca Trump

37 Cicciolina

38 Anjelica Fox


40 Julia Perrin

41 Mia Magma

42 Brooke & Taylor Young

43 Jalene

44 Veronica Brazil

45 Jade Marcela

46 Bambi Woods

47 Brigitte Lahaie

48 Sandra Scream

49 Baby Doe

50 Alicyn Sterling

#1: Traci Lords

Other aliases: Tracy Lords, Rita

Origin: Steubenville, OH

Born: May 7, 1968 as Norma Louise Kuzma

Years active: 1984–1986

Similar actresses: Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Vanessa Del Rio, Seka, Hyapatia Lee, Lisa De Leeuw, Sibel Kekilli, Catherine Ringer, Marilyn Jess, Olinka Hardiman, Tiny Tove, Candye Kane, Tiffany Walker, Brittany O’Connell

We’ve finally reached the number one spot of this installment of “50 Greatest Pornstars” and thus this deserves some extra introduction for more than one reason. First of all, the decision to include this particular pornstar was probably one of the hardest I ever had to make in this context: on the one hand due to the controversial nature of the subject at hand, on the other hand because we’re definitely talking about one of the biggest and most notorious legends in all of porn history, and one of the three greatest pornstars in my own porn canon. Seriously, my view on porn would positively not be the same without this woman. So this being said, enter Norma Louise Kuzma, much better known under her alias – and by now her actual name – Traci Elizabeth Lords.

I can’t exactly remember when I saw her for the first time – it might have been a magazine, a digital picture or a video tape. What I definitely do remember is how very much I was struck by her. She wasn’t even as physically perfect as for example Ebony Ayes (my other perennial favorite pornstar ever), as her boobs had this peculiar quality that made them look kinda weirdly V-shaped when they were hanging but looked absolutely perfectly puffy.-nippled and big when she was laying on her back or on her side. I hadn’t quite fully realized how much I loved a nice big ass on a woman back then – Traci’s wasn’t flat, that did it for me. Even her hair, especially that Aquanet-teased variant she would sport in most of her scenes, was anything but an automatic turn-on. No, what drew me into Traci Lords and never let me go was first of all *that face*. Slightly almond-shaped big dark blue eyes that exuded seductiveness as much as (pseudo) innocence. Her ruby-red lips could pout like none other and in the next moment reveal a set of brilliantly white teeth as her mouth turned into a grimace of sexual arousal and aggression. All of these features were found in a perfectly rounded doll-like face, making Traci Lords one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen then. And the rest of her body – some likable natural flaws notwithstanding – completed the physique of the horniest, sexiest and most desirable pornstar I had ever seen.

What I also very clearly remember is the first movie I ever saw Traci perform in. From a hidden video stash I picked up a tape called “Educating Mandy”. Although this was years after the legal case that would end her career in porn (and shake up the industry as a whole, see more about that below) this movie was legally available where I lived. It featured some of the late Golden Age of Porn’s biggest stars (and also introduced me to Christy Canyon who instantly became another favorite of mine) and had the classic pre-video quality of that era’s big budget productions. Traci played a young housewife who accidentally witnesses her husband (Harry Reems, the second hairiest male talent after Ron Jeremy) cheating on her and, after getting some verbal (and physical) support from her girlfriends, decides to pay him back the same way.

The first scene of that movie remains one of my most watched porn moments ever. The way this beautiful young woman undresses for her husband in front of the fireplace to reveal her fantaastic body, to then get carried away to the big bed and then getting fucked really good instantly became one of my defining porn moments. (In fact, I am taking a break from typing right now to watch it once more.)

(Thanks for your patience, hehe.) What makes this scene so memorable is the way Reems takes Traci, her body glistening with sweat, her boobs bouncing and her face distorted in ecstasy. It may not stray too far from a classic porn setting but it surely was enough for me to never forget it.

From here it was a continuing story of typical pornstar pic-hunting-and-gathering from my discovery of Traci Lords until today, basically. (This is probably also the moment to give some shout outs to the “TraciOfLords” blog who probably has the biggest collection of Traci hardcore pics and gifs on tumblr and who thankfully let me use his archive for additional illustrations in this article.) The problem here was and to some extent still is that due to the critical legal status of some of Traci’s movies many sites who hosted Traci related stuff in the past disappeared later. Only today many pictures and films can be obtained on a host of sites dedicated to Traci’s hardcore work, although it may vary from country to country whether or not it’s fully legal to watch it. (Disclaimer: Should your country be part of that list, please leave this entry now and read one of the 199 others on this blog instead.)

So if you bothered reading up to here you now know how big an impact Traci Lords made on me during my formative years as a porn fan. Much of her own biography is pretty much public domain, so let’s keep it short: Traci was born Norma Louise Kuzma in Steubenville, OH, into a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic, abusive father and her parents divorcing when she was seven years old. That broken biography would get worse when Norma – whose body developed very early – got raped at age ten (by her sixteen-year-old then boyfriend) and became pregnant and subsequently had an abortion at fourteen. By then her mother was living with a new partner who molested Norma and also got her a fake ID (now calling herself Kristie Elizabeth Nussbaum and faking an age of 22), supporting the girl’s rebellious attitude towards her parents who didn’t want her daughter to have sex yet. In early 1984, at the age of fifteen, Norma finally moved to LA with him (he posed as her stepfather) to start a career in adult entertainment.

The notorious couple managed to get Norma signed for the infamous Jim South modelling agency which led to her first nude modelling session for – of all publications – Penthouse magazine. Here the career of “Traci Lords” started officially as she not only chose the name as her pornstar pseudonym but ended up being the September 1984 issue’s centerfold. (The issue’s then popularity, however, was largely based on then Miss America Vanessa Williams’ nude pictorial. After the discoveries of Traci’s underage the issue has since been pulled from the market and remains illegal to be owned with the centerfold intact.)

This greatly heightened Traci’s profile and she shot her first porn movie “What Gets Me Hot!” soon after. Initially she only had a non-sex role but a hardcore scene (with her later boyfriend Tom Byron) was added afterwards. More movies followed in the course of 1984 and 1985, all greatly expanding and cementing Traci’s status as America’s new porn sensation and one of the industry’s top-grossing and top-earning performers. She would even receive her first porn award for the Tom Hanks/Darryl Hannah fantasy comedy “Splash” spoof “Talk Dirty to Me III”.

Traci’s annoucement to retire from porn in late 1985 thus came somewhat surprisingly, although in early 1986 she returned with her own production company to shoot what would be some of her last three XXX films, “Traci Takes Tokyo”, “Beverly Hills Copulator” (your guess which box office hit this was a take on) and “Screamer”. The final porn movie Traci would star in was “Traci, I Love You” – shot in France just two days after her 18th birthday with Euro porn luminaries like Marilyn Jess and Gabriel Pontello and released into the wake of the biggest scandal ever to hit the porn industry and followed by a maelstrom of court cases, accusations and empty video store shelves.

In a nutshell, “Traci’s” fake identity was unveiled just weeks after her 18th birthday and subsequently all of her movies shot prior to that date – effectively her complete fimlography save “Traci, I Love You” – were ruled child pornography by US law (they remain legally available in many other countries though to this day). This had a devastating effect on the porn industry as a whole and their video store “subcontractors” in particular. Millions of dollars of industry profit were lost as tapes had to be pulled from the shelves overnight while some movies were re-edited without Traci’s scenes or even re-shot with a new actress instead of Traci (the very recently featured Lisa De Leeuw taking her predecessor’s place in “Talk Dirty to Me III”). It was hell on a plate for the adult industry who only fully recovered years after the scandal had exploded, plus the Reagan government felt urged to crack down on porn productions, criminalizing the industry and the artform as a whole.

“Traci” meanwhile tried to break free from her porn past by selling the rights to her final XXX film (and drawing accusations from within the industry that her move had long been planned to profit from it) and trying to get some mainstream acting slots. She remains one of the most heavily criticized ex-pornstars from her former co-worker’s point of view as she herself claimed to have been drugged and forced to do porn while former colleagues like Christy Canyon stated that Traci had never made the impression of not knowing what she wanted and didn’t want to do.

Either way, Traci kept her porn alias and even made it her official name (as a gesture to embrace her past), getting a role in John Waters’s pre-global fame Johnny Depp movie “Cry-Baby”, guested in “Roseanne” and later starred alongsides Wesley Snipes in “Blade” as well as Kevin Smith’s “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”. Apart from that most of her cinematic or television work has been in the horror or sci-fi field. She also released a techno record called “1000 Fires” whose single “Control” even became a minor hit in the dance charts.

Her autobiography “Underneath it All” became a best-seller in 2003, she got married, had a baby, started her own fashion line… Basically, Traci Lords did what most if not all former pornstars hope to achieve: start a career where she didn’t have to bare her boobs anymore. Whatever you think of her stance on the porn industry, she managed to establish herself as a not-just-former-pornstar performer and person and you friggin’ have to give her that.

So whatever controversy remains, she gets my number one spot of all Classic Pornstars. Thank you for reading and following. I’m gonna take a break from writing new articles for the time being, cleaning up older entries and fixing some stuff here or there. But rest assured: there will be a new “Top 50″ list on this tumblr in the future – this time maybe more about recent than classic performers…

#2: Savannah

Other aliases: Silver Kane

Origin: Laguna Beach, CA

Born: October 9, 1970 as Shannon Michelle Wilsey

Died: July 11, 1994 (23 years old)

Years active: 1990–1994

Similar actresses: Wendy Whoppers, Kascha, Sandra Scream, Alicyn Sterling, Jeanna Fine, Allison Kilgore, Flame, Hyapatia Lee, Kelly Trump, Racquel Darrian, Taylor Wane, Cicciolina, Sheena Horne, Lolo Ferrari

The top regions of a list of classic pornstars are reserved for true legends. Truth, even the life of a legend has both lighter and darker shades and the story of this specific pornstar legend ends on one of the darkest down notes one could imagine. This is a story of beauty and sex, glamour and death, so if you will excuse me I will tell you a little bit about one of the most notorious and tragic pornstar stories ever, about a young woman called Shannon Michelle Wilsey – also known as Savannah.

It wasn’t hard to stumble across Savannah’s pics in the early to mid nineties as a young porn aficionado. Long straight platinum blonde hair with her typical Savannah bangs, ice blue eyes, a near perfectly beautiful face (some freckles added for fun) and a body that was just as nearly perfectly shaped. (She did get breast implants at one point in her career but those were rather well done, enhancing her beauty much more than making it look unnatural.) Needless to say I instantly fell in love with her the first time I saw Savannah’s picture.

A proverbial California Girl, Shannon Wilsey moved around the country as a kid after her parents had divorced. At thirteen, she found out that the man she had believed to be her biological father in fact wasn’t, and that’s the point where most bios about her feature a quote about her “becoming a wild child”. In fact she was so wild that she became a groupie and lived with famous rock musicians such as Gregg Allman and Billy Sheehan – before coming of age.

When Shannon was twenty years old she had seen quite a lot for her age, (including a miscarriage fathered by Allman) and being the adventurous – and beautiful – person that she was, nude modelling was the next thing for her to try out. Rex Cabo, a porn actor and director, introduced her to hardcore porn around 1990 and she took up her first stage name called Silver Kane at that time. (This being a very thinly veiled hint at the drug habit she had developed by that time.)

Her first shootings made such an impression on the industry bigshots that the then upcoming porn stalwart Vivid Entertainment signed her as one of the first “Vivid Girls” with an exclusive contract for numerous films in 1991. Now she changed her pseudonym again, henceforth being known as Savannah (after an early eighties movie called “Savannah Smiles”) and poised to become one of the biggest names in 1990′s porn.

Savvy (as her friends and fellow performers would call her) landed hit after hit with flicks like “Indian Summer”, “Laying the Ghost” or “In Defense of Savannah”. In a time when video took over, she was one of the last stars to still shoot big budget productions and pretty much rocketed to fame, winning AVN’s Best New Starlet Award in 1992. Her on-screen persona was that of an “ice queen”, never letting loose and getting all raunchy and raucous like other pornstars but keeping the air of mystery and aloofness. My first Savannah movie experience was “Roxy” in a softcore version where Ms Wilsey nevertheless made such an impression on me that I shot load after load on her getting fucked by – of all talents – flatnosed Buck Adams:

Savannah also kept her tendency to have high profile liaisons with rockers like Axl Rose and Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Vince Neil of Poison and punk-rocker-turned-eighties-pop-star Billy Idol. (If you insist you can add “Marky” Mark Wahlberg to that list too.) Her true love, apparently, was a woman from her own trade though: Savannah had a long time relationship with fellow porn actress Jeanna Fine, a woman she called the love of her life.

However, a number of factors would contribute to Savannah’s career trajectory first getting disturbed and then unhinged. Vivid allegedly let her go for her temper tantrums she would throw on set (her smack habit probably didn’t help much eitherI) and although she kept on making successful films in the XXX business her aspired transition to Hollywood productions never went past a few minor roles in smaller horror movies. Neither did Savannah’s fame stop her relationships from failing. After she and Jeanna Fine broke up comedian Pauly Shore became her next love interest although it would never reach the level her previous relationship had had.

By 1994 Savannah, although still one of the biggest pornstars of her days, had developed serious depression fed by her various issues and it was an accident that would bring this disposition to fatal fruition. On July 11 she and a friend took a ride in her Corvette – both under the influence – and when she lost control of the steering wheel the car crashed into a fence. Although her injuries weren’t critical Savannah’s face had been badly lacerated by the smashed windshield. She then sent her friend outside and called her friend and manager Nancy Pera in tears, fearing that her career was finished with her once beautiful face now being mutilated. Pera tried to calm her down but to no avail as Savannah proceeded to shoot herself in the face with her 9mm handgun. When Pera arrived she could only take her friend to the hospital where Savannah died eleven hours later. She was 23.

Along with other notable pornstar deaths like Lolo Ferrari’s or Linda Lovelace’s, Savannah’s tragic passing is often quoted as an example how the porn industry ruins the lives of its protagonists. This feud also took place after Shannon Wilsey died although some people pointed out that her depression, her drug abuse and her failed relationships had also been factors before she got into porn. On the other hand, experiencing that not even her fame and fortune could prevent bad things from happening may have intensified her depression, with the car accident being the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Savannah still has an admiring fanbase even more than two decades after her death. Her life and death keep getting scrutinized and you can find lots of mini documentaries and features about her on YouTube for example. She still symbolizes that new breed of pornstars who strove for fame beyond the world of adult entertainment, seeing porn as a means to reach other levels of glamour. That this not only wasn’t to be but also resulted in her untimely death is probably the saddest part of Savannah’s story.

I’ll try and keep this both poignant and in the faith of this blog. Savannah was a tragic figure, even though she was one of the most beautiful and desirable pornstars of her time, somebody whose scenes still turn me on after all those years and somebody who I wish hadn’t done hardcore if she only had found another way to deal with her issues. God bless you, Shannon Wilsey, wherever you may be now.

#3: Tawnee Stone

Other aliases: Tammy, Tawny

Origin: Crystal Lake, IL

Born: December 30, 1982 as Tammy Saris

Years active: 2001–2010

Similar actresses: Jordan Capri, Christine Young, Amai Liu, Little Caprice, Gauge, Taylor Little, Aurora Snow, Sibel Kekilli, Anna Marek, Jalene, Tiny Tove, Traci Lords, Sasha Grey

One thing first: I really regretted not having Tawnee among the first “50 Greatest Pornstars” so I’m really glad she finally gets her well-deserved mention here. That said, there probably was no website that changed the course and development of online pornography the way “Lightspeed Sorority” did. Its concept was simple yet incredibly successful: Take a bunch of jailbait-ish amateur girls, make them pose naked while a) doing totally mundane chores or b) having hot lesbian sex with each other (or sometimes c) both) and make sure you get your site promoted all over the internet in its circa 2001 incarnation. The most well-known face of this operation: a girl born Tammy Saris from Crystal Lake, IL with brown eyes, brunette hair and a delicious body who called herself Tawnee Stone.

It must have been around 2002 when I first caught a view of Tawnee, instantly smitten by her youthful appearance between innocence and seductiveness. She was so pretty and cute that I almost (!) didn’t mind she was only doing softcore pictures for the most part. Her smile alone was enough to keep me hooked on her and the little flicks circulating online (like one where she simply picked lemons in the nude) seemed hot enough to shoot uncounted loads on her.

There were also other models on the site (like Jordan Capri or Tawnee’s alleged sister Tori Stone) but they never caught my heart (and my cock) the way Tawnee did. Whether it was her posing as a cheerleader or fooling around outside, her innocent erotic attraction always got me going. Tawnee was the blueprint for other “One model, one website” sensations that would soon follow, many of them – like my other eternal teen porn favorite Christine Young, Amai Liu or Little Caprice – going much more into hardcore porn territory.

If you remember my stories about Olinka or Linsey Dawn McKenzie you know that some of my greatest experiences with porn were when a softcore actress finally went hardcore. One day my patience would also be rewarded in the case of Tawnee Stone – although its result is often deemed one of the most infamous hardcore scenes in modern porn history. The story – as told by former Lightspeed impresario Rochard – goes as follows: The producers wanted her to finally go hardcore proper (a hot masturbation-ensued-by-blowjob video was the closest her fans got to it before) and Tawnee would only do it with her boyfriend. This guy was no “male talent” in the industry sense of the word and so the video feels like a car crash where you can’t look away despite the horrible scenes unfolding before your eyes. Poor Tawnee spends what feels like hours to get him up by sucking him 69 (he gets to lick her pussy too!) but guy just can’t handle the situation of getting filmed and stays flaccid for the most part. The orgasm literally seems forced although I don’t believe it’s faked.

Anyway, it wasn’t much later after this first and final hardcore video that Tawnee stopped shooting new material because by the mid-2000′s her image had become ubiquitous on the web that she apparently didn’t want to do her thing anymore and instead opted for the wild and dangerous career of… accountancy.

Nevertheless, this story being about the wild early days of web 2.0 internet porn, of course it doesn’t end with a whimper but a bang. Steve Lightspeed wouldn’t have it that his most famous model would plainly quit the job that made her famous, so he decided to kill Tawnee Stone. Well, not quite that literally of course but the guy seriously posted the news that on December 31, 2010 Tawnee Stone died in a car crash. Her internet fan community went gonzo about it and – for a change – needed their tissues to dry their tears… until the actual Tammy Saris posted a status update on Twitter on January 1, 2011 which simply read “Alive and well, happy new year :)”

Well, that was the story of one of my favorite erotic models (and a bit of a proper pornstar too). She’s ingrained so deeply into my porn taste buds that Tawnee will forever be a cock-riser to me, plus her story is just so hair-raisingly outrageous (and funny) that her place among the top three seems well justified to me. (And for a real 2002 flashback, check out her website which doesn’t seem to have changed since then and also claims she’s still 19.)

#4: Lisa De Leeuw

Other aliases: Lisa DeLeeue, Lisa Leeua, Lisa de Ugga, Lisa Woods, Lil’ Redhead, Lisa Seagrave, Miss 52, Fiona Wilson

Origin: Moline, IL

Born: July 3, 1958 as Lisa Trego

Years active: 1978–1987

Similar actresses: Busty Belle, Flame, Mylie Moore, Candy Samples, Amber Lynn, Annette Haven, Mai Lin, Hyapatia Lee, Nina Hartley, Traci Lords, Christy Canyon, Sue Nero, Seka, Rene Bond, Bambi Woods, Titanic Toni, Gerlinde Bödeker

Recommended website: https://www.lisadeleeuw.com

When you look back at the so called “Golden Age of Porn” there’s not really a shortage of legendary figures. During this period of time – sometimes used as a rather loose term for the time comprising the 1970′s up to the mid-1980′s, sometimes defined more strictly from 1969 to 1984 – pornography (and especially pornographic movies) became a phenomenon of popular culture for the first time, producing stars of its own and grossing millions if not billions of dollars in ticket and magazine sales. This era made people like Linda Lovelace or Marilyn Chambers and later on Christy Canyon or Traci Lords veritable celebrities, although they never managed to completely shake their XXX origins. Not all of them managed to steer clear of the dangers, pitfalls and vices that came along with the trade, and some of them sadly paid the highest price too. Well, and then there’s Lisa De Leeuw.

Even though I made my first conscious pornstar experiences (well, through the media they were pictured in of course) in a time when at least some of the Golden Age’s stars were still performing, Lisa somehow passed me by at first. Her name kept popping up on internet forums and later social media sites until I finally had my eyes opened what a treasure had been waiting for me all along. For sure I didn’t expect her biography to be the way it was though.

Born an Illinois farmgirl and tomboy, fighting overweight for the most part of her teens and young adult years, Lisa was as unlikely to enter the still relatively young world of professional hardcore porn as any Illinois tomboy farmgirl. With her big red mane (and matching bush), freckled pale skin and auburn eyes she was a redhead right out of the textbook, however, a damn voluptuous one to boot!

In 1978 Lisa finally entered the world of adult entertainment when she and her then boyfriend (who had managed an adult cinema in her native Moline and later also encouraged her to do hardcore porn!) moved to Los Angeles. As Lisa stated in an interview, the high costs of living in L.A. prompted her to look for a job where she would make good money in short time which – of course – led her to nude modelling. From there it took only a short while for her to make the transition to hardcore, first with some shorts and loops for the legendary Swedish Erotica series and then her first role in a feature film which happened to be “800 Fantasy Lane”.

Since Lisa wasn’t terribly experienced in sex it took her a while to get accustomed to the practices on set and although she didn’t exactly have pleasant working surroundings during her first couple of films – she had been ordered by her first director to lose forty pounds and had to live on a diet of “cold hot dogs and cold coffee” – she still came to enjoy her new profession. By around 1980 she had made about twenty movies and despite not fulfilling the pornstar stereotype of being a slim blonde she was one of the first actresses to sign an exclusive contract with Vivid Studios.

In 1981 Lisa garnered her first award and, although never reaching the level of fame that her contemporaries Seka or Veronica Hart had, became one of the most successful pornstars of her time. Although she stated she didn’t exactly live the pornstar life cliché of after-scene orgies and liked classic m/f sex best (well, she actually preferred threesomes with two guys), on screen Lisa was willing to do acts beyond the textbook missionary and did many lesbian, anal and even BDSM scenes at a time when this was still very much considered niche material. On top of that she was a true natural curvalicious beauty with big beautiful tits and an ass that would put her on top of the PAWG world even today.

Although she went on to make more movies and win another three awards, by 1984 her weight problems began to catch up with her. By the mid-eighties Lisa opted for a career break since the industry’s standards had changed both technically – shooting on video was much cheaper and elaborate sets and scripts were considered too expensive – and in terms of acting demands (with only basic scripts acting skills weren’t really necessary anymore, plus you don’t get younger either…). Even though she returned to business in 1985 and churned out about 200 scenes during the course of her career, the mentioned problems would rather become worse and as she approached her 40th birthday Lisa would get fewer and fewer roles. By the early nineties porn had changed so much that the stars from its Golden Age would be considered a thing of the past, including Lisa De Leeuw.

Then, in 1993, news hit the scene that Lisa De Leeuw had died of an Aids-related illness. Apparently she had been a heavy drug user before, so when her management announced her death in November 1993 it didn’t seem all too unlikely to be true. However, rumours kept bubbling up that Lisa had faked her death to make an elegant exit from an industry she no longer felt a part of (plus, other stars like Hyapatia Lee had done just the same only to resurface alive and well later). Former porn director David Jennings claimed her to still be alive in 2000 although a definite answer would never be given.

Whatever happened to Lisa De Leeuw it remains a fact that she definitely was one of the Golden Age’s most original performers and a real treasure that still definitely is worth discovering today!

#5: Moana Pozzi

Other aliases: Linda Heveret, Margaux Robert

Origin: Genoa, Italy

Born: 27 April, 1961 as Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi

15 September 1994 (aged 33)

Years active: 1981–1994

Similar actresses: Cicciolina, Angelica Bella, Karin Schubert, Sibylle Rauch, Catherine Ringer, Marilyn Jess, Olinka Hardiman, Dolly Buster, Lolo Ferrari, Sarah Louise Young, Anita Cannibal, Baby Pozzi

It goes without saying that writing about an adult actress who already left us is a sadder affair than your usual pornstar profile post. This is also the case with Moana Pozzi, an actress, activist, politician, TV personality and star in her own animated film. During her short stay on this planet she managed to become one of the most revered – and controversial – celebrities in 1980′s and 1990′s Italian popular culture. Moana’s rise to fame, ended by a sudden illness-related death that struck her when she was only 33, has become the stuff of XXX lore and definitely contributed to her status as a tragic icon of porn.

I first saw Moana in on of those softcore “entertainment” magazines at some point in the early nineties. She posed nude on some stairs, presenting her wonderful big natural boobs, perfectly rounded thighs and her really beautiful face. But even then I could see that this woman had more to offer than just naughty poses and further investigation would prove me right.

The late eighties and early nineties were a time in Italy when porn, showbiz, pop culture and politics were perhaps closer than ever before or after. Hungarian expatriate Ilona Staller – better known under the alias Cicciolina – was but the forerunner of this phenomenon, feeling equally at ease on TV and in hardcore shootings as well as grabbing the megaphone to promote a (sexually) liberal policy. Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi – her second given name was Hawaiian for “where the sea is deepest” – had spent her youth all over the globe, growing up in the Great White North of Canada as well as the hot and humid parts of Brazil until her family finally settled down in France. At age 19 she decided to go back to her native Italy and start a modelling and TV career. Even then she wasn’t shy to appear in her first hardcore porn movie, “Valentina – Girls in Heat” which came out in 1981 and featured her under the alias Linda Heveret. A media scandal ensued as her then current employer, a television production company for which Moana presented – of all things – a children’s show, found out about her venture into the fucking-for-the-cameras genre and had her fired.

Nevertheless this gave Moana her first taste of notoriety, something she quickly expanded when signing up with one of the biggest porn production companies in Italy in 1986. Moana quickly became Italy’s biggest adult film star next to Cicciolina with whom she would often share appearances on TV as well as in porn movies. By about 1990, Moana’s fame was said to have eclipsed Ilona Staller’s and she even helped her sister Maria enter the XXX industry (she would make a number of movies under the moniker Baby Pozzi). 

It took me a while to catch up with Moana’s hardcore porn work since it wasn’t as readily available as other stuff at the time. Once again it took the advent of the internet to grant me access to horny masterpieces such as 1990′s “Rise of the Roman Empire” where she once again paired with Cicciolina as well as my personal eternal favorite Ebony Ayes. Another great find was “Visioni Orgasmiche” where Moana teamed up with the next rising star in Italian hardcore, Angelica Bella. Or, to finally prove this woman knew who to have sex on camera with, mainstream-actress-gone-porn legend Karin Schubert in “More Than Before”. But whoever she worked with, Moana always exuded a special kind of sexy – well-articulated, witty, no taboos, mature in the horniest sense of the word, a commanding presence of whatever scene she appeared in.

Moreover, Moana’s charm wasn’t limited to the good old in-and-out game since – again much like her sister in spirit Ilona Staller – she went into politics and co-founded the Love Party with Cicciolina to fight for the liberalization of gay marriage, the legalization of prostitution and the protection of the environment. She even ran for the office of Rome’s mayor and garnered around one percent of all votes!

When she wasn’t busy making scandalous TV appearances or trying to make more room for love in politics, Moana also cultivated connections to well-known politicians, authors, philosophers, musicians and other celebrities and she even put out a book in which she rated a bunch of public figures she had slept with (among them famous football players like Falcao, Hollywood actors such as Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel and even the Italian prime minister Bettino Craxi). All this while still shooting more hardcore porn movies, all in all racking up about a hundred scenes where she showed her impressive capabilities in assfucking, cocksucking and kinky stuff.

In other words, Moana Pozzi was well on the way to be one of the few pornstars to cross over to lasting mainstream fame – or at least to turn herself into a piece of popular culture – when tragedy struck. In mid-1994, she started losing weight and suffering from general malaise – as it later turned out she was experiencing the effects of liver cancer. Her condition worsened in a measure of weeks and finally Moana Pozzi died on the 15th of September, 1994. As it became known years after her death, she had asked her husband Antonio to assist her with euthanizing her, to which he complied.

Moana Pozzi’s death wasn’t the only one in those days when pornstars became topics for the mainstream media – the notorious Savannah had committed suicide after a car crah just a few months earlier, and mega-bimbo Lolo Ferrari would die in 2000 after trying to scandalize herself into the welcoming arms of a trash-loving public. Since Moana had become such an icon of Italian pop scandals, her unexpected passing was seen as a public tragedy that went beyond the yellow press and also kept resurfacing years later. In 1999 the movie “Guardami” (”Look at Me”) came out which was loosely based on Moana’s life, followed by a miniseries in 2009 and another film entitled “The Secrets of Moana” in 2010. More yellow press fodder was created when in 2006 Moana’s “brother” Simone unveiled that he was in fact her son. And even as late as 2016 – more than twenty years after her death – Moana Pozzi’s name was still strong enough to make pop culture juggernaut Disney change the title of their then latest animated movie “Moana” (about a Hawaiian princess) to “Oceania” so people in Italy wouldn’t be confused about its protagonist…

So as you can see, there has hardly been a person from the world of porn that had an impact on the non-porn plane of existence – at least in Italy – the way Moana Pozzi did. To me, she will always be one of the most beautiful and, yes, inspiring pornstars ever, somebody who passed away far too early but will live on forever in her work and her spirit.

#6: Rita Faltoyano

Other aliases: Daniella,
Rita Fox,
Rita Twain,
Rita Anik, Rita Doll

Born: August 5, 1978 as Rita Gács

Origin: Budapest, Hungary

Years active: 2000–2007

Similar actresses: Angelica Bella, Cicciolina, Silvia Saint, Katja Kassin, Kelly Trump, Anita Blond, Alexis Texas, Katsuni, Nikki Blond, Julia Miles

Recommended websites: Official Twitter account, Official escort page

The Eastern part of Europe has been a reliable source for a steady stream of beautiful and daring pornstars ever since the Iron Curtain fell in 1989. Gorgeous girls like Angelica Bella or Silvia Saint took the porn world by storm, always willing to try out kinkier stuff and seemingly of insatiable sexual appetite. Definitely one of the greatest actresses to come out of that part of the world is is Hungarian beauty Rita Faltoyano who entered the XXX industry at the dawn of the new millennium.

Born Rita Gács in 1978, this beautiful girl came of age just as communism fell apart and the way to the Western society seemed new and exciting. Nevertheless, being the daughter of two very sporty parents she started her serious physical education very early and became a successful equestrian, swimmer and gymnast. She also went on to be a trained nurse (to fulfill another pornstar cliché…) and was encouraged by her parents to take part in beauty pageants. With her tall yet feminine figure, her pretty face and voluptuous curves she seemed well fit for a career in front of the camera…

I myself have to thank the Private corporation – both for their print and digital outlets – because it was one of their magazines that first showed me Rita’s marvellous beauty, her great natural tits, her lovely long hair and her well rounded ass… and of course all that filthy stuff she was willing to do with her body!

After some nude modelling, Rita took the leap to hardcore porn at age 21 in early 2000 when she not only starred in her first film “No Sun No Fun” but also debuted with her first anal, first foursome and first DP! Talk about a head-first start in porn!

In the next couple of years Rita starred in literally hundreds of movies, among them some of the most successful big budget productions of the new millennium like “Faust” and “Cleopatra”. Her distinctive Eastern looks and accompanying willingness to do any kind of nasty stuff soon earned Rita a place among the top performers of her time as well as a rabid fanbase.

Like many pornstars of that special era of early online/ interactive adult entertainment, Rita also got her own “My Plaything” DVD (complete with a “nice” and a “naughty” version!) and kept churning out red hot scenes. Many of those featured her taking as many cocks as possible up her pussy, her lustful mouth and her delightful big ass and she also became a well known foot fetish performer. Regarding her private life, Rita got married to fellow pornstar Tommy Gunn in 2005 although the marriage only lasted a few years (he cheated on her with yet another porn actress, Ashlynn Brooke before officially getting divorced). In 2007, Rita decided to quit porn for good while a number of her scenes were released on compilations as late as 2012.

Nowadays Rita works as an escort in London, so if you got that extra bit of cash on you (we’re talking 500 quids upwards) you could actually get close to one of the biggest porn sensations of the 2000’s… If you can settle for less you might as well follow Rita on Twitter where she rather regularly posts pretty pictures of herself – clothed no less but still pretty…

All in all, Rita Faltoyano remains one of Euro porn’s most prized assets and definitely deserves a spot among the top ten! We love you, Rita, best of luck to you!

#7: Gerlinde Bödeker

Other aliases: Gerlinde Bodecker, Gerlinde

Origin: Germany

Years active: mid-1980′s

Similar actresses: Titanic Toni, Teresa Orlowski, Sybille Rauch, Karin Schubert, Helga Sven, Uschi Karnat, Candy Samples, Chessie Moore, Olinka Hardiman, Katja Kassin

I hesitated just a wee tiny little bit to include this next woman in this list, mainly because I don’t like to write an article about a person I can’t find much out about. Even the internet with its vast possibilities of obtaining information about the most far-fetched concepts kind of let me down in this case. But then again, Gerlinde Bödeker is one of my most beloved German porn actresses of the 1980′s, even though she never made it to star status. However, if you take a look at her you might see why I not only had to feature her here but also give this woman a place among the goddamn top ten:

Gerlinde was one of the first (and best) examples of that powerful concept known as PAWG, whooty or simply big fucking ass goddess. She had the face and stature of a stereotypical German MILF housewive but boy oh boy, in front of the cameras she did all those things you probably wouldn’t expect a German housewife to do!

With her pretty round natural tits, curvy body, meaty pussy and that great ass of hers, Gerlinde wasn’t shy in the least to put dildos, bottles and other assorted objects up her ass (and other orifices). She also really seemed to love assfucking and DP as you could see in many of her photosets.

She did some great lesbian scenes as well, and really the only thing that might distract from her horny performances may be the awful eighties hairstyles and fashion (plus the blokes she shot scenes with often were really fugly guys, but then again, that’s 1980′s German porn for you…)

Ultimately, Gerlinde was more a magazine than a movie kind of porn actress, her only notable film performances being shot for the Godmother of German Porn Teresa Orlowski’s Foxy Lady series. At least for one scene she finally got to make out with a good-looking guy (the notorious French porn casanova Gabriel Pontello who also made many films with the divine Olinka Hardiman) while also displaying her anal kink skills:

Gerlinde’s combination of somewhat mature looks, 1980′s appearance, a damn phat ass and her completely uninhibited way of getting fucked was what turned her into one of my favourite pornstars ever, even though her appearances were rather rare compared to other starlets of her time.

Even if her stint in porn only lasted a few years in the mid-1980′s, to me Gerlinde Bödeker is definitely German 1980′s porn’s most underrated treasure, predating insatiable whooty/MILF starlets like Katja Kassin by a good two decades but still being incredibly hot and horny to watch. And don’t get me started on that ass again…

#8: Aurora Snow

Other aliases: Victoria, Angel, Kim

Origin: Santa Maria, CA

Born: November 26, 1981 as Rebecca Claire Kensington

Years active: 2000–2011

Similar actresses: Gauge, Tawnee Stone, Christine Young, Sasha Grey, Jordan Capri, Jenna Haze, Lexi Belle, Sunrise Adams, Anna Marek

Official website: https://www.aurorasnow.com/

Recommended tumblr: http://allthingsaurora.tumblr.com/

Some spots of this list came by rather by accident (most of which Tumblr and its neverending influx of pornstars old and new is to blame for). There were babes like Sue Nero or Rene Bond that simply were too vintage for me to have noticed during my early days as a porn scavenger while others I knew by name but never had realized how great they were until I made a conscious effort. And then there are the ones (like Helga Sven for example) who got me not just by being hot but by the story they had to tell. That’s also the case with Rebecca Claire Kensington, a woman you probably know by her stage name of Aurora Snow.

It was during those fabled days in the early 2000′s when internet porn became a phenomenon in its own right as teen-aged stars like Tawnee Stone, Christine Young, Gauge or said Aurora Snow became stars. They were fresh faces who played the cute-and-innocent card just as much as they exploited the schoolgirl fetish popularized by mainstream megastars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguileira. While Tawnee and Christine went for a more playful approach, focusing rather on what you today would call camgirl routines (masturbation, girl/girl scenes, candid “everyday” shots), Gauge and Aurora went right for the dirtiest things porn in the age of web 1.5 had to offer.

Aurora’s path to (and through) porn apparently wasn’t exactly written in the wind as she grew up to be a promising theatre actress who was on her high school’s honor roll and started performing in communal theatres at the age of twelve. However, the US college system being the debt machine that it is, Rebecca (who moved away from home at the age of seventeen) had to figure out how to pay for her tuition fees. Nude modelling soon seemed to be a way to make some quick money which quickly led to her trying out (although initially not committing to) actual porn shootings a couple of months after her 18th birthday.

Her initial reservations had to go as she was both forced and then willing to accept that her new job required her to let go of inhibitions in order to deliver good performances. Aurora quickly went from standard porn fare to more daring stuff, humiliation scenes and gaping asshole sex included. At the time, she later stated, her future plans didn’t include any scenarios where a marriage or a family of her own would be affected by her then profession. Of course, sooner or later her family was bound to find out and although when they did they weren’t happy about it, they still more or less accepted it. By 2003, Aurora Snow was one of the new millennium’s biggest young pornstars, starred in big budget productions like “Angels” (a XXX take on the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot) and made up to $100,000 a year.

Then an accident in Aurora’s family changed everything. Her brother got into a crash with his motorcycle and although he survived it against the odds, he had two kids he no longer could provide for. Auntie Aurora stepped in, finally finding a higher purpose for her work and taking care of the boys. This also made her question the career she had followed for almost a decade at the time and ultimately she made the choice to quit porn and pursue an “ordinary life”, marriage and kids of her own and everything.

In 2011 Aurora said goodbye to the XXX industry, packed “six bags of clothes” and moved to Macron, OH to live with her new partner and find regular work. Once again drawing parallels to her frequent on-screen partner Gauge, both women not only struggled with finding ordinary jobs – jobs that paid a faction of their previous income to boot – but also had to endure the ridicule, discrimination and slut shaming that inevitably came up once their co-workers found out who their new colleague was.

While Gauge’s path led her back to adult entertainment, Aurora took a more offensive stance and among other things wrote a much-published “Letter to My Unborn Son” in which the mother-to-be asked her unborn child for forgiveness and tried to explain why she had chosen her career. Aurora is now married and a regular contributor to websites like The Daily Beast while occasionally giving lectures on porn, vice and morality at different campuses.

The moral of the story is, nothing fascinates me as much as pornstars who encompass more dimensions than just the good old in-and-out game. Aurora Snow managed to break out of a career that holds a lot of promises for quick fame and money but also can have long-lasting effects once one doesn’t want to play that game anymore. So this article is about both paying homage to one of the most daring and sexy pornstars of the noughts but even more about honoring how a certain Rebecca Claire Kensington deals with a past – and a future – that takes a real adult to deal with. Aurora, should you ever read this: Bravo and best of luck to you and everything you’ve yet to do with your life! And dear readers of this blog, check out Aurora’s homepage regularly!

#9: Sibylle Rauch

Other aliases: Sybille Rauch, Sybille Musch

Origin: Munich, Germany

Born: 14 June 1960 as Erika Roswitha Rauch

Years active:

Similar actresses: Teresa Orlowski, Karin Schubert, Helga Sven, Uschi Karnat, Dolly Buster, Gina Wild, Kelly Trump, Sibel Kekilli, Sylvie Rauch, Lolo Ferrari

Germany’s porn history – just like any really – is pretty ripe with life stories between fame, fortune and tragedy, of actresses that struggled to find post-XXX fame and prevailed (like Sibel Kekilli) but also (and maybe moreso) former mainstream performers who resorted to doing porn in order to save their careers but ultimately couldn’t (like Karin Schubert). Probably the prime example for the latter case must be the biggest pornstar Germany had to offer in the late 1980′s, an actress who made hundreds of thousands of Deutschmarks during her heyday, who was part of the high society and lived the dream only to succumb to this lifestyle’s fallacies shortly afterwards: Sibylle Rauch.

Much like Karin Schubert (who was more than a decade her senior), Sibylle started doing nude modelling at the age of nineteen and had her pictures sold to Playboy in 1979. It’s always a little unfair to compare youthful beauty to its mature counterpart but Sibylle truly was a stunner in her early days.

This kickstarted her career in B movies like the “Lemon Popsicle” sex comedy series but also other German productions that had her cast as a typical blonde bombshell (she was a natural brunette though as you can see in her early pictorials). She also appeared in numerous softcore magazines, still in the prime of her (mostly) natural beauty.

These movies and publications earned her enough money and recognition for the early to mid eighties to make her a household name in German eroticism, and she even released a country pop single with the title “So Long, Goodbye” in 1982.

By 1986, however, Sibylle’s career seemed to be faltering. Again like Karin Schubert, Sibylle one day decided to answer a call by Germany’s godmother of porn, Teresa Orlowski who was slowly shifting from working in front of the camera to producing porn movies with her own company VTO.

With both Sibylle and Karin signing up for historically large sums, Teresa’s plan came to fruition when “Born for Love”, both actresses’ first XXX movie, came to the cinemas and made millions of Deutschmarks. It also launched Sibylle’s second career as a bona fide pornstar although she limited herself to only a handful of more movies until the early nineties. Still this was enough profile for her to once again quickly becoming a darling of the talk show circuit as well as a part of Munich’s high society (the “Schickeria”).

Unfortunately Sibylle blew most of her royalties on cocaine, alcohol and big parties, so her career once again was about to tank by the early nineties. With younger performers entering the market, Ms Rauch – now in her mid-thirties – tried to fend the competition off by having her breasts enlarged as well as doing more kinky things like assfucking and watersports. A particular favorite among fans were her incestuous scenes with her sister Sylvie Rauch:

While some of my personal favorite scenes (like the “Dirty Woman” series) came to be in that period it didn’t prove to be the way out that Sibylle had envisioned. In 1997, the actress made an attempt at killing herself but was resuscitated. Her career in adult entertainment had come to an end.

Since then, Sibylle Rauch has become a symbol for the perennial struggle of former pornstars between addiction, depression, (often futile) attempts at establishing themselves as mainstream stars but mostly only maintaining trash celeb status. While other German porn legends such as Dolly Buster, Kelly Trump, Gina Wild or Mia Magma somehow managed to avoid a complete fall from grace, Sibylle just barely evaded the fate of Lolo Ferrari, another tragic case of a high profile pornstar.

In 2001, a two-part German television movie based on Sibylle’s life called “The Sinful Girl” aired while the actual former pornstar since has worked in a Viennese brothel and as a callgirl. On a lighter note, Sibylle married her girlfriend Nadja in 2012 and also avoided ending up in the jungle celeb gulag show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!”, so there may still be hope for her to find her peace. 

Personally, Sibylle Rauch was one of my first pornstar experiences, first in her softcore sex comedies and then in her thrilling hardcore performances. At the same time, however, her tragic life story was also one of my first experiences with the dark side of the porn industry, what it could do to people and that its glammy sheen didn’t keep what it promised. At the risk of sounding corny, I do hope that Sibylle can one day look back at her life as a long and winding road that ultimately led her to at least some kind of happiness.

#10: Persia

Other aliases: Venus, Lynette, Lido

Born: March 25, 1968 as Venus Guillén

Origin: Philadelphia, PA

Years active: 1991–1996

Similar actresses: Ebony Ayes, Janet Jacme, Jeannie Pepper, Vanessa BlueChessie Moore, Sibylle Rauch, Angelica Bella, Veronica Brazil

The 1990′s were a time when African American pornstars – largely indebted to the trailblazing careers of Ebony Ayes, Jeannie Pepper, Isis Nile and the like – slowly managed to find audiences outside the “black porn” segment, although they often still had to take opportunities to perform outside the segregated US market. Persia (also often billed as Venus) was one of the actresses that found their share of success in the last decade of the millennium on both sides of the Atlantic.

Born in Philly as Venus Guillén in the spring of 1968, she got into nude modelling and feature dancing around 1990 and then dared to do hardcore just a year later. Her assets were big tits (naturally saggy although she later had them enhanced), an extremely seductive face with textbook bedroom eyes and an ass that was to play an important role in her XXX career.

Persia practically became an overnight sensation in black porn, starring in dozens of movies ever since doing serious hardcore shootings, especially in mainstream porn spoofs such as “Boomerwang” (!), “White Men Can’t Hump” (!!) or my personal favorite “What’s Butt Got to Do With It”. What made her perfect for those kinds of roles was her willingness to put her voluptuous body to any kind of fucking service with special emphasis on assfucking (just go to her IAFD page and count the titles that refer to “ass”, “butt” or “DP”) as well as her acting skills that went well beyond what other performers of the time had to offer.

Persia displayed a sense of irony and playfulness while never letting it tip over the raunchy atmosphere of her red hot fucking scenes. My first – and already decisive – encounter with her was in a German production where she engaged in lovely lesbian sex with a small breasted blonde girl after being invited to watch porn with her. Persia’s reaction going from shock to humorous disbelief to just letting go end enjoying the licking and fingering remained one of my most watched scenes for years, particularly for its combination of light-hearted yet naturally gifted acting and no-nonsense fucking action.

In an interview with “Gent” from 1994, Persia described her attitude towards porn as something that allowed her to do what turned her on and also let her have sex with many different guys and girls. While porn star interviews should often be taken with a grain of salt (whoever wanted to read about their favorite actress hating her job and/or only doing it for the money?), Persia always seemed to come across as somebody who loved what she was doing for a living, be it in American productions (often reinforcing black porn topics/clichés) as well as international ones. The latter category let her show her fabulous assets in trashy settings as an Italian take on Little Red Riding Hood (with another favorite of mine, the ever so fuckable Chessie Moore) or a German production about girls making out with a billionaire (where she teamed up with German porn legend Sibylle Rauch).

Sadly for her fans, Persia quit the industry around 1997 and never made a comeback. While her stay in porn had been prolific enough, colored pornstars at the time still weren’t marketable enough to make a lasting impact like their caucasian counterparts would go on to make in the 2000′s. Internet research on her birth name produced a few pictures and profiles on job networks although one can never be 100% sure if it’s the exact person one is looking for.

For her own sake let’s just hope Persia is alive and well and can look back on her XXX career with a good feeling. I for one shall forever enjoy her performances from way back, and her unique way of doing porn earned her a place among this lists top ten for sure!

#11: Uschi Karnat

Other aliases: Sandra Nova

Born: March 3, 1949

Origin: Castrop-Rauxel, Germany

Years active: 1972–1999

Similar actresses: Brigitte Maier,
Karin Schubert, Teresa Orlowski, Sibylle Rauch, Gerlinde Bödeker, Dolly Buster, Olinka Hardiman, Marilyn Jess, Brigitte Lahaie, Catherine Ringer

As eclectic as the lists on this blog may appear to some of my readers/viewers, there is always the very banal fact of each article being about a woman fucking in front of a camera that ties them together. However, some entries may be more about the historical significance of a certain pornstar while others are fueled rather by personal taste. And then, there are just some pornstars who – regardless of whether they are considered beautiful in the classical sense or “broke big” with a mainstream audience – I would just like to plain fuck until the lights go out because they appeal to my dirtiest desires. Uschi Karnat is a perfect example of this.

When you look at her, at first her kind of rough features may turn you off and make you look for the pretty kind of pornstars like it’s so common to do. But look at her face again and you see the most lustful eyes, the most recklessly red lips and a body that’s ready and willing to go all the way no matter what. German porn has always had the flavor of perversion and Uschi Karnat definitely contributed to this.

Born Ursula Karnat in 1949, she grew up in the Ruhr area and came of age just as the late sixties with their liberalisation of sex and porn kicked into gear. A natural dark haired girl, Uschi started out as a dancer and a part time model, soon also did nude shots and finally went full-on hardcore in 1972. She was a regular on the covers of both softcore and hardcore magazines and also did her fair share of XXX loops, developing her other alias Sandra Nova in the process.

As was the case in many branches of European cinema in the seventies, Germany developed a blooming soft sex industry in whose most famous installment – the so called “report” genre kickstarted by the immensely successful “Schoolgirl Report” series – Uschi would go on to play a significant role. This would finally lead to her big break in porn cinema in the early eighties when she starred in big productions like “Rasputin” or “Josefine Mutzenbacher”, making clear that she didn’t really have any inhibitions worth mentioning.

Uschi could also be seen in international productions like “Inside Olinka” (alongsides my perennial Euro porn goddess Olinka Hardiman) but at the same time managed to maintain – albeit low-key – a career in mainstream television where she played numerous small roles in series and made-for-TV movies.

Her hardcore work more and more included kinkier stuff like BDSM and golden shower stuff (quite exactly what you would associate with German porn, really) which she kept doing until the early nineties. Whether it was conviction or the money, she delivered some smoking hot scenes either way!

After her 40th birthday, Uschi limited her XXX stints to presenting video compilations and basically worked with whatever was offered to her. Her last media appearance dates back to 2012 when the “Bild” tabloid used her for a report on hearing losses. The article referred to her as “Ursula Karnat, photographer” and listed her being 63 years old at the time.

Uschi Karnat’s significance in German porn may be underestimated today but she definitely was a forerunner to the big pornstars of the 1980s and 1990s like Teresa Orlowski, Sibylle Rauch, Dolly Buster, Gina Wild or Kelly Trump, although Uschi herself never achieved the latter’s level of mainstream success or at least notoriety. To me, like I said in the beginning, Uschi is the epitome of unlimited porn lust, appealing to the dirtiest fantasies a guy could have and always a reason to whip out my cock and dream of fucking her in all her great holes. Here’s to her hopefully living long and having a good life!

#12: Jeanette Littledove

Other aliases: Janette Little Dove and numerous other variations of her first and last name

Origin: Cache, OK

Born: September 4, 1966

Years active: 1985–1991

Similar actresses: Hyapatia Lee, Christy Canyon, Tori Wells, Racquel Darrian, Nikki Randall

For much of the 80s, mainstream porn was a pretty Caucasian affair in the states. Preferring blondes or brunettes was the biggest choice one could make among the majority of pornstars back then, with the odd Asian or black performer gaining a bit more than niche recognition. This made a pornstar like Jeanette Littledove, a full-blooded Cherokee, even more of a freak hit, although in all fairness the legendary Hyapatia Lee had established the Native American pornstar trope before.

The busty and curvy Jeanette entered the porn scene in 1985 when she was only 19, starring in 1985′s “Angel of the Night”. Initially she would only perform b/g scenes with Buck Adams, a man to whom she was allegedly married to (although a website quotes Littledove with that only having been a press stunt). This period also spawned my own first encounter with the lustful Jeanette in the aptly titled “With Love, Littledove”:


She was quite the bombshell with her big 80′s hair, those incredibly pouty lips and those super-seductive eyes of hers that I became an instant fan. Her boobs seemed enhanced (which I really didn’t like back then, not that I’m a huge fan of that today) but her well-rounded ass and fiery fucking made up well for that. She teased her flatnosed “husband” Buck Adams for not fucking her manly enough and then went on to find satisfaction otherwhere until – everybody loves a happy ending – the couple’s marriage was magically saved by just screwing around! Ta-dah!

Anyway, that’s how Jeanette entered my personal porn system and even though it was hard to find other movies in those pre- to early-Internet times (she did make about 40 films in the years after her debut) she always stayed a favorite of mine. It most definitely helped that she loved to do anal sex with that great butt of hers, and that the whole marriage thing was dropped after a while certainly didn’t hurt either.

Her looks – mostly her hair – changed a little over the years until Littledove decided that she had enough of porn and switched to feature dancing in the early nineties. (To wrap up that pornstar marriage story: Buck Adams, himself a former boxer, finally took the final beating in the shape of numerous heart attacks, the last of which killed him in 2005. May he rest in peace.)

After that stint had become unsatisfying as well Jeanette retired from the nude business as a whole, resettled to her native (!) Cache, OK to “settle down in local business” (whatever that means). After years had passed, new pictures of her emerged on newsgroups, showing her with tattooed boobs but overall still in good shape.

Today, she has passed the big five o but – not just to me – remains one of the greatest exotic pornstars the eighties had to offer. Here’s to that great Native American porn sorceress!

#13: Brigitte Maier

Other aliases: Bridgette Bleu, Carol Slecht

Born: August 7, 1952

Origin: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Years active: 1971–1978

Similar actresses: Tiny Tove, Brigitte Lahaie, Annette Haven, Annie Sprinkle, Linda Lovelace, Christine Black, Rene Bond

We go way back to the seventies now, this sometimes revered and often ridiculed decade of bell bottom jeans, long (and sometimes unkempt) hair for all genders, questionable color combinations and an overall feeling of “What the hell were people thinking…?” some people too young to tell may ask themselves about that time. For porn, the seventies were definitely a time of economic as well as creative expansion when many countries – Denmark leading the trend as early as 1967 – legalized hardcore pornography and the busines evolved into the commercial juggernaut it still is today. Of course, names like Linda Lovelace and her performences in “Deep Throat” and “Behind the Green Door” are synonymous with the dawn of the so called “Golden Age of Porn”, but if you delve a little deeper into this profession’s history you sooner or later also come across names like Rene Bond (featured earlier on this list) and – our topic for today – Brigitte Maier.

As her name already suggests, Brigitte was born in Germany although she moved to the States at the age of four, growing up in a Chicago middle-class household and being sent to a Catholic girls school (!). Of course, when the late sixties cultural revolution kicked in with its tempting atmosphere of drugs, free love (and post-pill free sex), experimental arts and music, Brigitte decided to have a go at the creative scene herself. Her first foray into the world of movies was the Brazilian drama “A margem” where she – then only fifteen – of course still kept her clothes on. However, this experience made her yearn for more, so at seventeen Brigitte relocated to Los Angeles to work some odd jobs including topless dancing.

This consequently led to her doing full-on porn loops and, finally, shooting her first full-length hardcore movie called “Tongue” in 1973. Brigitte quickly garnered recognition for her lustful performance, so her next movie “Fulfilment” became an even bigger success. As one may or may not realize, pornstars are people with feelings and worries too though, and in Brigitte’s case she started having problems with the robotic and, as she perceived it, emotionless way American porn movies were made.

So before calling it a day as an on-screen fucker, she decided to move back to Europe and settle down in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Here, she experienced the more artful and playful – ultimately, more classic filmmaking way of shooting adult movies. Describing it as “something magic”, Brigitte starred in a movie called “School for Scandal” which was set in an old castle and took six weeks to make. In its aftermath she met the man who wanted to revolutionize porn cinema and make her one of his most celebrated actresses: Alberto Ferro, much better known as Lasse Braun.

This diabolically looking guy became a svengali of European porn, commanding a host of willing porn actresses and always eager to try out new things. At the same time, Braun kept a cinematic approach to his work, taking his time for unusual stories, establishing characters and generally being a filmmaker who just happened to make porn movies. He was also very vocal about porn being a means to push ahead revolution and to shock people into realizing what inhumane system they were living in. He and Brigitte quickly became an item both on set and in private (although – in the spirit of free love – both of them, and especially Lasse himself, took the liberty to screw around).

Their first common film production would be 1974’s “Penetration” which even got a showing at the Cannes film festival, resulting in its distribution in the US (there titled “French Blue”) and – in the wake of “Behind the Green Door”’s success – became one of the fifty top grossing films of the year. For Brigitte this meant an immediate rise to fame, including her first Playboy centerfold in 1974, followed by a Penthouse cover appearance the year after. Readers were delighted by Brigitte’s long, wavy red hair, her dark eyes and her seductive mouth, not to mention her slender yet stacked body.

Unfortunately, Brigitte’s dad happened to buy that Penthouse issue too which led to a very uneasy meeting with him when she returned to the US to promote the film… Brigitte’s next project with Lasse Braun would be 1974’s “Sensations”, a 250,000$ movie shot in England, the Netherlands and Belgium which starred her as an innocent girl living out all her sexual fantasies. It also became a box office hit in Europe and fared extremely well with the critics, although due to a number of factors it couldn’t quite replicate its commercial success in the States. Nevertheless, “Sensations” remains one of classic European porn’s landmark movies and cemented both Braun’s and Brigitte’s statuses as legends of their genre.

Brigitte then moved back to the US to continue shooting both bigger porn movies as well as loops, although none of her later work could match her previous successes. Furthermore, she once again had to face the cultural difference between porn in Europe and porn in America, a fact that slowly made her attitude towards her profession deteriorate. Eventually, she both ended her relationship with Lasse Braun as well as her porn career in 1978.

In a final move, Brigitte took back to Europe, got married, had kids and lived what you could probably call a normal life. In 2005, a documentary about Lasse Braun called “I Was the King of Porn… The Adventurous Life of Lasse Braun” was released by a German filmmaker. The film also continued a lot of interview footage with Brigitte Maier where she – now an unassuming middle-aged woman living in Rome but apparently pretty much at ease with her porno past – told her side of the story too. It was this movie that made me aware of what great pornstars – beside my long-time favorites such as Candy Samples or Tiny Tove – the seventies had to offer, and to this day I think that Brigitte Maier very much deserved to title of “the queen of porn” that Lasse Braun gave her back in the day. May she live long and prosper for all the great scenes she gave us!

#14: Kiki Daire

Other aliases: Keki D’Air, Keki D’Aire, Kiki D’aire, Kike Daire, Keki Dare, Kiki Dare, Kiki M, Camille, Susie

Born: September 18, 1976

Origin: Memphis, TN

Years active: 1998–2004, 2011–

Similar actresses: Bianca Trump, Allison Kilgore, Kim Chambers

Recommended websites: http://xxxkiki.com/ (Official homepage), http://kiki-the-masturbatrix.tumblr.com/ (Official Tumblr), https://twitter.com/kiki_daire (Official Twitter)

For the next woman it’s once again time to rewind to the turn of the millennium when Internet porn slowly but sure began to take over classic media channels like print or video for good. The manifoldly spelled Kiki Daire entered the scene at the tail end of the 1990’s and also was one of the early porn performers to host her own website. In terms of physique, Kiki sported well-rounded (and somewhat inflated) boobs, an ass that looked the part and huge dark round eyes with wild curls around her pretty face.

When I first saw pictures and movies with Kiki I was taken right away by her humorous yet sensual and of course naughty persona. Kiki and her curves were a welcome change – or should I rather say addition – to the usual slim blonde (or sometimes dark) pornstars of the late nineties, fitting in very nicely with other cock-hungry curvy beauties like Allison Kilgore, Bianca Trump or Kim Chambers.

After a first stint in exotic dancing – a profession she allegedly followed her mother in, only to get fired for being more in demand than her direct maternal ancestor – Kiki first started shooting lesbian porn. When she realized she didn’t mind going hardcore with guys either she did just that and moved to California. Kiki quickly became a quite prolific performer and was well-liked by fans of curvaceous girls who liked to experiment on screen.

Kiki worked with uber-gonzo Rodney Moore, brought bukkake to the masses, got fucked in her ass a lot and became a go-to foot fetish expert. Also, she starred in multi-lesbian femdom flicks like “The Violation of Kiki Daire”, one of her first movies I got to see which I still find both hilarious and incredibly horny:

<iframe class=“vibe_embed” width=“100%” height=“60%” src=“http://porneq.com/embed/469361/” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=“true” webkitallowfullscreen=“true” mozallowfullscreen=“true”></iframe>

By the time her first tenure in porn ended in 2004, Kiki had more than 170 XXX movies under her belt. As internet porn became the full-on global phenomenon that it is today, Kiki decided to retire and leave on-screen carnal action behind. Instead she focused on her private life – a marriage was announced although never fulfilled – and went to college. However, like many other starlets from the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Kiki either wouldn’t or couldn’t stay away from the spotlight for good and so declared her return to the scene in 2011.

Since then she has been both a critics’ as well as a fan favorite, garnering prizes like “Miss Petite Porn” or “Miss Burlesque” and being active on various social media channels. What’s even better, Kiki doesn’t show any signs of getting tired and cultivates her classic MILF image with “guided masturbation” videos (check her Tumblr account dedicated to that particular nice) and generally being the hottest 40+ woman you could imagine… Also, how can you not love somebody who sings “First Cut Is the Deepest” like her?

To me, Kiki Daire will always be special in her way of continuously approaching new naughty stuff and sharing it gracefully with her fans. Here’s Kiki taking two black cocks, have fun!

<iframe width=“510” height=“400” src=“http://xhamster.com/xembed.php?video=435925” frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no” allowfullscreen></iframe>