A few pictures of me from yesterday, celebrating my 30th…

A few pictures of me from yesterday, celebrating my 30th birthday, I had a very good time, with friends and family. Got myself some decent gifts, and a lot to drink, which I am now dealing with the day after 😀 my hangovers are quite light though, I mostly just feel tired.

Also I spent a ton of money on getting my hair colored last week, and in the second picture it looks exactly like it did before I had it dyed. 


I am turning 30 years of age on Saturday(November 4th) even if I…

I am turning 30 years of age on Saturday(November 4th) even if I have only lived the last couple as myself. I got my hair, brows and lashes done, and though it was expensive as fuck, I am still very happy with the “investment”

Turning 30 is kind of weird when you just started out on your life, I am grabbing random strangers, shaking them, demanding that they answer what the hell happened to my teens and twenties. The way I act, they way I dress and live, is a product of me trying to rediscover a youth I never had. I am a girl out of her time, my soul is 19 but potential dates have kids, career etc. 


Whoever I feel like, however short my real life has been, nature is dragging me in a direction, and I have to confront that. Turning 30 in of itself doesn’t bother me a whole lot, I won’t feel different, it is the situation it automatically puts me in that bothers me. Everyone seems to either have kids or want kids, the biological clock that seems to be ticking for everyone else, was never installed in me. People want houses, things, shit. I am just out here trying to have fun, be happy, yet it seems the rest of the world is marching by another tune.

I am not complaining about my situation, since I would probably also hate hanging out with a bunch of teens, haha. I have just been putting a lot thought into what turning 30 really means to me.

I actually considered shutting down the blog, just end it, move on to a new chapter in my life, but that is kind of stupid, because why does it make any sense to now, just because the clock turns from 29 to 30. I will end the blog when I no longer feel like I am getting something positive out of it.

I have 15-20 people coming over Saturday, so hopefully we can go crazy in town, and act like a bunch of teens 🙂

In case you feel bad if you don’t send me a birthday gift for my 30th birthday, then here is my WISH LIST


P.S how does one cook for 20 people? HELP!

The stars just haven’t aligned for me to spend half a day on the…

The stars just haven’t aligned for me to spend half a day on the big picture sets, so you have to make do with these bathroom quickies, but I hope you still enjoy. I also need to get around to posting a new gift thread, since even though I haven’t been that active, I still received a lot of lovely gifts 🙂

In other news, I have started taking progesterone, which have made the girls grow a little more, though not by much. The nipples look a little more defined, and I feel like my erections have gotten back some of their old potency. My sex drive has also had a noticeable increase.

I’ve also started on estrogen patches instead of taking the pills, but I need to have blood work done to make sure my levels are high enough.

I hope you are all happy and well 🙂

I felt a bit ill today, so I stayed home. But that doesn’t mean…

I felt a bit ill today, so I stayed home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun right? 😀

I promised you more pictures, so here they are :DIt had been so…

I promised you more pictures, so here they are 😀

It had been so long since I had last taken pictures, that it felt great to get a chance to do it again. I realized though that I really need to get some upper body lingerie, I had nothing to go with what I was wearing on my lower body.

I am enjoying my weekend watching GSL and WCS (Starcraft tournaments, for those not into that particular esport) I have also had a lot fun of playing the old Starcraft these past weeks since the remaster came out.

Finally got some time home alone so I could doll up and take…

Finally got some time home alone so I could doll up and take some pictures for you lovely people.

Give some Likes and Reblogs if you would like to see the rest of pictures. How else will I know? 😀

Life update: I am almost done with my current internship, I can extend it, but I would rather move on to bigger and better things. I will probably continue showing up there until I find something else, just to keep myself going. 

I am also getting real fucking tired of being referred to as he/him, even BOY. They don’t do it on purpose, and say sorry each time, but it is still pretty obvious how they subconsciously see me. It isn’t a problem with the young people, but the 50+ people misgender me more than they get it right. I got invited to a trip with all the female colleagues, but I made up an excuse of why I couldn’t go. I just don’t want to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing in a group a women. Even if they try to be accepting, they just don’t truly believe it. Ironically I feel more comfortable around the old men working there, even if they don’t see me as the woman I feel like, it means they see me as one of their own, so I fit in. It is certainly far from ideal, but at least I can relax around the men. 

I had gotten used to sometimes being referred to as he/him by mistake, but that was always by people who I also knew before I transitioned. It caught me off guard that people who have only known me as I am now, will misgender me. It has made me second guess my approach of always being upfront about being transgender, and has made voice training a higher priority.

Overall though, I am happy. I am great at the work that I do, and I am respected for my effort and results. I have always been a terrible student, and never had a job that I enjoyed, so feeling the respect of others, and getting treated like an equal is a new experience for me. In the end that outweighs the fact that I am misgendered from time to time.

Happy weekend to all you 🙂

Just had some quality time with my good friend Mrs.Egg. I was…

Just had some quality time with my good friend Mrs.Egg. I was gifted 6 of these Tenga Eggs as you might have seen it my earlier gift thread, and they are really as good as I remember. They are sold as a one time use, but you can easily turn them inside out (see lower left picture) and clean them under a faucet. From experience I would say they last 5-10 times, possibly more if you are careful. You just gotta keep some lube around for your consecutive enjoyments. 

They will work with any size penis, since you just create your own pressure with your hand, and they are quite relaxing to use, since they feel so great that there is no need to jerk like crazy.

They really should sponsor me with my constant recommendations for them 😀

Merry masturbations to you all.

P.s I am on Instagram now https://www.instagram.com/fortunate_freya/

Time for the gift appreciation bonanza! In the first picture you…

Time for the gift appreciation bonanza! 

In the first picture you can see an overview of all amazing things I have received over the past weeks, including what I am wearing. Not pictured is my my new phone, and the steam game I got yesterday. It is also possible I might have forgotten something since the sheer volume of gifts have made it hard to keep track of everything. I am so spoiled right? 🙂

Another picture, since you couldn’t see my lovely panties or the phone in the first picture. The dress is kind of short, but it fits very well. One of the downsides/upsides of being tall is that every dress you wear become slightly sluttier 😀

I got an awesome retro Star Trek dress, but unfortunately the Chinese don’t exactly understand that in other countries a woman might be taller than 160cm, and what I got is basically a short sleeved shirt. The panties I have already gotten good use out of, as you may have seen from my party pictures. I need to drop a few kilos before the corset will really fit, but it very comfortable and I look forward to using it more. The net suspenders I will show off more in a future series of pictures 🙂

I got these awesome card games that I will play with my sister tonight. Star Realms and Love Letter are two must have games for anyone who enjoy playing something nice and relaxing with friends and family. Star Realms is slightly more involved, but you can learn Love Letter in one minute.

The Tenga eggs are the best thing to put your penis in, period. They don’t look like much, but I have enjoyed those more than I ever did a fleshlight. The showerhead you stick in your butt and clean out, good for anal preparedness 😀 it’s not exactly sexy, but it can be necessary. I fucking love this Star Trek wallet. I may be a dork, but I am a happy dork 🙂

And last but certainly not least, I received all these fantastic computer parts so I can upgrade my pc. It is such a generous gift. My pc wasn’t too happy about running the recent games, so I am so excited to catch up to modern graphics again. As soon as this is posted, I will start building 🙂

Bonus picture.

Thanks for all the nice gifts, and the many messages of support when I was feeling down. All of you have been a great help in a difficult time. What I have not shared yet, is that I recently became single again. It ended kind of shitty, but there were a lot frustrations for me in that relationship, so I am not actually too bumped out about it. You need not worry about me, I am feeling quite alright. I have already moved on.

A million thanks everyone, I hope you have an awesome week!!! <3

As I have been mentioning, I have received a ton of gifts, and…

As I have been mentioning, I have received a ton of gifts, and one of those amazing gifts is this new phone. I am overjoyed, and so should you be, because now I can take higher quality pictures 🙂

It is a Moto Z Play for those interested in technology.

Thanks for all the support. I will show off all the nice gifts and myself, next week when I have the house all to my lonesome again. However I am also going to birthday party on Saturday, and drunk Freya has a tendency to upload drunk nudes, that I do not approve of 😀 She’s a bad bad girl, so naughty ………am I sexting myself now?

I hope you are having a great week. I am certainly am 🙂

Hey guys and girls, and anyone else. As I have mentioned on many…

Hey guys and girls, and anyone else. 

As I have mentioned on many occasions I live with my parents, and right now they are home on vacation, so they will be here for the next couple of weeks. That makes it hard for me to find opportunities to take pictures. 

I decided to dare it and take some pictures in my room, which I almost managed to get away with. I heard my mom coming towards the door, and I had to quickly jump under the covers. I’m not sure if she noticed anything, even though my clothes were strewn across the floor and I was in bed, with nothing but a camera in my hand 😀 

I might have to do my next post in the bathroom 😀 

Stay awesome

swordmaiden: Hey folks! Haven’t been taking lewd pictures for a…


Hey folks! Haven’t been taking lewd pictures for a good while now. My boobs have really begun to actually look like boobs, though it is not super easy to actually see in a picture like this. I’m down to taking 50mg cypro a day which have put me right back in BonerCity. Now I just need to go in for a check up and make sure my T levels aren’t too high.

Everything in my life certainly isn’t going as smooth as I would want it, but I am still super excited about where things are going. I am just happy and I am having trouble recalling how it was like, to be misarable all the time.

Happiness to each of you 🙂

Swordmaiden here for an update:

This picture set is having a second renaissance at the moment, it is getting reblogged a lot. it is 11 months old today, and I thought I might use this opportunity to talk about how happy I am that decided to upload my nudes to the internet. 

You usually only hear how people regret it. You get the stories of blackmail and sex tapes shared without everyone’s consent. It is however so fantastic for me to be able to look back at my transition, to see the little body changes. The growth of my boobs, the facial feminization etc. It gives me perspective on what is otherwise often changes too gradual to notice, day to day. I however did not just share my body, i also shared my life, and being able to go back in time and re-experience the mindset I had at the time, is extremely precious to me. My ups and downs, some things that I find trivial now, were my entire world at some points. 

It is easy to forget how much we change as people over time, and just as it is important to know and understand our collective history to make sense of the world today, we also need to grasp our own personal background to fully get a sense of who we are as person. 

Until recently I held the belief that I was a totally independent person, and that I didn’t really need a girlfriend or boyfriend, I didn’t mind getting one, but it wasn’t a priority. I believed that because, other than a awkward and short relationship with a girl in 9th grade, and hadn’t had any romantic interest since. Even after my transition I was still unknowingly suppressing feelings of longing to be close with someone, since those feelings had hurt me in the past. If I could go back and read my thoughts at age 14-16, I would probably see that mental block build up.

Knowing our past selves is valuable, but sometimes it is just plain silly fun to re-experience. I recently saw a video of myself pre-transition and “past me” made me laugh. For a split second I felt an attraction, almost forgetting I was watching myself. I don’t know if that is incestuous, but it weirded me out enough to where I thought, I better not watch anymore 😀 

It isn’t so much because being attracted to myself is weird, I am my own type now 😛 but I really used to hate that guy, he stole my life, and wasted it being unhappy. It was nice to be able to look back and forgive him in a way. It ended up relieving myself of a burden of negative feelings that I still carried in some small way. We are finally separate people and I don’t need to treat him like my nemesis, I can look back at the good moments I had when I WAS him, and simply enjoy the memories without the baggage.

So being able to look back is pretty fucking cool right? I believe that was my point 😀 I might have gotten slightly lost, but it is 1 am, so please forgive me 🙂

Have a nice day….night…..afternoon

Have a nice timezone 🙂

So as I posted earlier the stockings I had gotten as a gift…

So as I posted earlier the stockings I had gotten as a gift through my Amazon wishlist broke, when I put them on. That didn’t hold me back from taking the pictures I intended to 😀 The bead staff is also a gift from another gentleman. I am definitely being spoiled, but I guess it is an effective way of forcing me to take pictures 😀 😛

 It looks like I have put a filter on some of the pictures, but it is actually just my camera that takes weird pictures. If the lighting isn’t perfect it just goes “whatever” and many pictures end up unusable. Occasionally though, it ends up with a cool color palette like in the first picture 🙂

As for my persona life. I have recently applied for a education in Copenhagen, which I really hope I get into, but it will be a couple of weeks before I even know if I get invited to the entrance exam. Last year about 500 applied and they only had room for 42, but despite that I do think I have a decent shot of getting in. Confidence or arrogance? haha

I have also started seeing someone, so to all you guys who keep saying “I can’t believe you are single!” you can stop 🙂 It is long distance which can be hard at times, but also very rewarding when you then meet. I’m not going to give a ton of details about it and how it is going, since he also knows my blog. I just don’t want to pretend to be a lonely single to win more hearts 🙂

I hope you are all at least having a decent day 🙂

A kind follower bought me these stockings, but as I was…

A kind follower bought me these stockings, but as I was preparing to take pictures, the lining snapped. I think I am done with Amazon lingerie, the quality is simply too unreliable. If anyone has some specific recommendations on Amazon, let me know, otherwise I will stick to games and the occasional toy instead.

Hump day is a bitch 😀