I felt a bit ill today, so I stayed home. But that doesn’t mean…

I felt a bit ill today, so I stayed home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun right? 😀

I promised you more pictures, so here they are :DIt had been so…

I promised you more pictures, so here they are 😀

It had been so long since I had last taken pictures, that it felt great to get a chance to do it again. I realized though that I really need to get some upper body lingerie, I had nothing to go with what I was wearing on my lower body.

I am enjoying my weekend watching GSL and WCS (Starcraft tournaments, for those not into that particular esport) I have also had a lot fun of playing the old Starcraft these past weeks since the remaster came out.

Was trying out this new body suit I got as a gift, I think it is…

Was trying out this new body suit I got as a gift, I think it is a winner 😀 what do you think?

I am now just 300 people short of 20.000 followers, so I appreciate all the reblogs I can get. Also if you have any ideas for my 20K celebration post, leave a comment, I’ll make sure to read all them.

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Time for the gift appreciation bonanza! In the first picture you…

Time for the gift appreciation bonanza! 

In the first picture you can see an overview of all amazing things I have received over the past weeks, including what I am wearing. Not pictured is my my new phone, and the steam game I got yesterday. It is also possible I might have forgotten something since the sheer volume of gifts have made it hard to keep track of everything. I am so spoiled right? 🙂

Another picture, since you couldn’t see my lovely panties or the phone in the first picture. The dress is kind of short, but it fits very well. One of the downsides/upsides of being tall is that every dress you wear become slightly sluttier 😀

I got an awesome retro Star Trek dress, but unfortunately the Chinese don’t exactly understand that in other countries a woman might be taller than 160cm, and what I got is basically a short sleeved shirt. The panties I have already gotten good use out of, as you may have seen from my party pictures. I need to drop a few kilos before the corset will really fit, but it very comfortable and I look forward to using it more. The net suspenders I will show off more in a future series of pictures 🙂

I got these awesome card games that I will play with my sister tonight. Star Realms and Love Letter are two must have games for anyone who enjoy playing something nice and relaxing with friends and family. Star Realms is slightly more involved, but you can learn Love Letter in one minute.

The Tenga eggs are the best thing to put your penis in, period. They don’t look like much, but I have enjoyed those more than I ever did a fleshlight. The showerhead you stick in your butt and clean out, good for anal preparedness 😀 it’s not exactly sexy, but it can be necessary. I fucking love this Star Trek wallet. I may be a dork, but I am a happy dork 🙂

And last but certainly not least, I received all these fantastic computer parts so I can upgrade my pc. It is such a generous gift. My pc wasn’t too happy about running the recent games, so I am so excited to catch up to modern graphics again. As soon as this is posted, I will start building 🙂

Bonus picture.

Thanks for all the nice gifts, and the many messages of support when I was feeling down. All of you have been a great help in a difficult time. What I have not shared yet, is that I recently became single again. It ended kind of shitty, but there were a lot frustrations for me in that relationship, so I am not actually too bumped out about it. You need not worry about me, I am feeling quite alright. I have already moved on.

A million thanks everyone, I hope you have an awesome week!!! <3

As I have been mentioning, I have received a ton of gifts, and…

As I have been mentioning, I have received a ton of gifts, and one of those amazing gifts is this new phone. I am overjoyed, and so should you be, because now I can take higher quality pictures 🙂

It is a Moto Z Play for those interested in technology.

Thanks for all the support. I will show off all the nice gifts and myself, next week when I have the house all to my lonesome again. However I am also going to birthday party on Saturday, and drunk Freya has a tendency to upload drunk nudes, that I do not approve of 😀 She’s a bad bad girl, so naughty ………am I sexting myself now?

I hope you are having a great week. I am certainly am 🙂

Hey guys and girls, and anyone else. As I have mentioned on many…

Hey guys and girls, and anyone else. 

As I have mentioned on many occasions I live with my parents, and right now they are home on vacation, so they will be here for the next couple of weeks. That makes it hard for me to find opportunities to take pictures. 

I decided to dare it and take some pictures in my room, which I almost managed to get away with. I heard my mom coming towards the door, and I had to quickly jump under the covers. I’m not sure if she noticed anything, even though my clothes were strewn across the floor and I was in bed, with nothing but a camera in my hand 😀 

I might have to do my next post in the bathroom 😀 

Stay awesome

I told you I was going to post some pictures of me with clothes…

I told you I was going to post some pictures of me with clothes on. I am a proper lady after all, a lady who just isn’t that good at buttoning her pants. We can’t be masters of everything after all, I do have my shortcomings……and my not so short comings.