Think before you write

I had to delete some comments on my latest pictures.

Do not tell people what do or don’t do to their bodies, it is self-entitled and rude. I don’t want hear that I should or shouldn’t get breast implants, that I should or shouldn’t lose weight, or whether to get a vagina or not. I decide who I will be and how I will look. Your personal preference is not important. The reasons this annoys me, is that it might genuinely put doubt in someone’s mind, if that person is less self-confident than I am.

I am also not a “femboy” “tranny” “shemale” “trap” “sissy” or “ladyboy” 

I am a woman, specifically a trans woman. The above are either porn slurs or apply to someone else. 

I don’t have a “boipussy” or a “clitty”

I have an ass and a dick, doesn’t make me less woman, that is just what those parts are called. I don’t see a penis as inherently male, so I don’t need to pretend that is a clitoris. You are welcome to call your body parts whatever you like, but don’t get into some kind of fetish and think you can just apply it to everyone.