We all have had a one night stand, have you ever hooked up with a straight guy, and if so, what was his reaction to your suprise?

Yeah I have hooked up with straight guys? what am I? a fucking man? 

And no, I don’t go home with guys who don’t know I am transgender. You know why? Because I don’t want to flirt with someone all night, just to be rejected and have hateful comments made against me, simply because I am not like most women. I don’t want to get into a potentially violent situation when the guy thinks he has been cheated and I have turned him gay. I enjoy not having my heart and face smashed. 

Real life isn’t like porn.

Also dude, I don’t even think most people have had a “one night stand” It is really not that common.

Sorry for the angry post, but it gets kind of tiring when people don’t understand what a gigantic minefield our dating life is. If you fantasy is that you unknowingly get with a trans woman, then you obviously aren’t the type who would date one openly, and so you are part of the problem. So many fuckboys out there who arrange a date when they are horny and then disappear when they get nervous. 

Have a nice day though