You ever wonder how many straight men that you have inspired to start dating Tgirls? I suspect the answer is a lot more than you realize.

I would think a decent amount. I think a lot of people only see trans women in porn, and therefore never truly see them as people, just as objects of desire. I think blogs like mine on Tumblr does a lot to humanize us, even if I have erotic content. Who I am as a person still comes through. 

However society is still far from accepting, and so many people still want to date in secret, not even realizing how insulting and degrading a thing it is to ask of another person.

I feel that my greatest achievement, and what makes me most proud and happy, are the trans people who tell me I have inspired them to finally live their lives as themselves, given up the lies and the fake persona. 

I can relate and empathize with all who are afraid to be themselves, but I do not feel pity for those who try to date trans women without being truthful with themselves and others. Not living as yourself, only hurts yourself, trying to enforce your closeted behavior onto others is simply not acceptable. 

Not only are you keeping yourself from true happiness, you are also perpetuating a society that sees us as taboo.

We are definitely progressing, but again and again I talk to people I like and consider dating, only to find out that they want to keep it secret and/or constantly try to shift the conversation towards talking about my dick, then I feel like we haven’t progressed at all.

Love will eventually conquer all, but I wish we could get there faster.